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How can I control iTunes (on the Mac) from any app? Solved!

Asked by rexpresso (920points) June 10th, 2009

Googled a bit more and found it… and thought, why not put it here anyway, maybe someone benefits :-)

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VV I see… Comment retracted.

FoxyTunes is great, especially if you’re constantly browsing the internet.

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FoxyTunes is good for when you are in your browser.

And I don’t think that was spam. I think it was a edit. It is a link to a free application.

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I prefer You Control Tunes. It sits in the menubar and has a really nice interface.

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Coversutra does this also.
As does Synergy And Butler And half a dozen other apps.

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Synergy is good too. It isn’t free, but it is cheap.

edit :: seconds too slow.

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I like keyboard shortcuts very much and am happiest as can be with this one. Even FoxyTunes couldn’t beat this :-)

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I’m happy that you are happy. :-)

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@rexpresso – that’s the one I have been using forever.

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damn, but if the care bears and rainbows aren’t real after all.

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