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What are some good compatible tankmates for a porcupine puffer fish?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34524points) December 28th, 2007

I’m planing on buying a porcupine puffer, i was wondering what other good tank mates would be. I want as interesting lively fish as possible. Also for the tank setup would i be able to have sand as a substrate? Can i keep a Purple lobster with him also or will the puffer try and eat him?

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The establishment where you will purchase the Porcupine Puffer Fish (Diodon holacanthus) would also be the folks to advise you, regarding tank mates for it. For tank mates for your Porcupine Puffer Fish, look into the tangs and wrasses. But be advised that some sources recommend that they should be in a species-only tank. Some are compatible with other species, some aren’t. Its highly dependent upon individual personalities and caution should be taken when having tankmates. Despite their appearance, they are considered to be very aggressive. Porcupine Puffer Fish eat crustaceans in the wild and will accept most types of marine fish food including frozen, freeze dried, vitamin enriched flakes and live foods. Small pieces of fresh shrimp and clam can be chopped up and given. Give them a variety of foods but mostly meaty items for optimal health.


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@MENSAN thanks for answering, ive actually had my puffer for a little over a year now though :)

Surprisingly enough his tank mate is a peacock mantis shrimp and they dont bother each other

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