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Have you ever had an intimate dream about a person close to you? Was it difficult to look at the person the same after having the dream?

Asked by lisaj89 (720points) June 10th, 2009

I had never had a sex dream until last night. I’ve had dreams that come close, but it had never gone all the way. And the crazy thing is, it was with my best guy friend who I am completely NOT attracted to. And, no, I am not kidding myself about not being attracted to him. I saw him today and I thought my head was going to explode, I’m sure I probably turned five shades of red!
Do you ever have sex dreams about people you know?
Was it awkward when you saw the person who was in the dream?

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As long as you separate the dream from reality it’s not a problem.
A lot of people have sex dreams. I just hate the waking up from the sex dream part.
That’s a let down.

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Sex dreams about friends are great testing grounds. Now you definitely know you don’t ever want to go there IRL.

When I’ve had them about people, it opened up underlying attraction I was able to act on and good things happened thought not always as good as in the dream.

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Only beacause they woke up and started screaming “WHO ARE YOU?!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!?!” at me.

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I felt sorry for the person…if we did eventually hook-up there was no way they could match their performance in my dreams. They are, after all dreams…wtf

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Yes, I have. And although it doesn’t really affect my daily relationships, sometimes I think about the dreams and wonder. One friend I told, she just thought it was cute :]

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I’ve had intimate dreams about a member in my intermediate family. : / Not just one, but several over the years.

I know, strange right? Then again, all my dreams are weird.

It hasn’t really changed my relationship in the least. I told him about the first dream I had when I was 11 (I was worried that I was “sick in the head”) and he told me not to fuss. He said there is more to Freudian theories than most people tend to believe. It took me years to find out what he was truly saying, but I do agree with it now.

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yes, and I was thinking about this yesterday actually

I’ve had a weird dream once about sex with my (old, fat, male) lawyer, and I’m not even gay. That was extremely weird.

And I had this dream recently where I met a female friend (whom I have always liked and she knows it) and she was almost naked, or basically wearing very little, and it was quite intimate and romantic overall. I told her about it actually. We have decided we don’t want to date each other, because we both know it wouldn’t lead us anywhere in the long run, but we’re generally close and like each other.

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Like a Mother or a Sister? CRAP!
I had finally forgot. Dam you Fluther! Some questions should not be asked!

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i have sex dreams a lot. not always penetration, but lots of other things. men and women. strangers and family. ooohhh, i love the strangers.
one time, there was this chick on the beach and then this guy walked up an…..anyway… ahem.

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Once I dreamed (well it was more of a nightmare I suppose) that my maths teacher tried to come onto me but I managed to get away and ran to the deputy principal crying. I dreaded going to maths class the next day, but I managed to repress the memory and haven’t thought about it since, until now…

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I have sex dreams all the time and sometimes with people I know. It never made me uncomfortable with the person I dreamt about. They are just dreams. I usually tell people when I have dreams about them.

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