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People who like men: Do you prefer smooth hairless chests or do you prefer hairy chests like those of gorillas, and why is that?

Asked by ragingloli (48288points) June 10th, 2009
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Either or. I like the man the way he likes himself. If he’s confident enough to wax, that’s hot. But if he likes himself au natural, that’s just as sexy.

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It depends on the guy… or exactly what @chelseababyy‘s 1st sentence just said. I don’t like waxing much though. If you’re hairy, be hairy.

The only thing I don’t like it so much hair that it looks like a shirt when he’s nekkid.

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I’ve never been with a man who had a very hairy gorilla chest. It’s bad enough when a partner’s dried off with a linty bath towel and I got lint all stuck to my nose and mouth. We’d have to comb and gel that stuff into place or break out some clippers.

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I like them natural. If he’s got a hairy gorilla chest, I’d rather see that than have him shave. If he’s got no hair, that’s the way he is.

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I like manscaped. No hair.

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as a man of “gorilla-chested-ness”, i feel almost vindicated. except for @hungryhungryhortence and @chyna, that made me sad.

to wit: Sean Connery. booya!

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@chyna hey, if you can’t handle this much sexy, i feel sorry for you. ;)

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@eponymoushipster: nothing a pair of Wahl clippers can’t have some fun with, don’t be a sad primate ;p Sean Connery had a regular hairy chest, not a gorilla fur chest.

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Hairy chests are a turn-on for me. I don’t know why, but definitely have a preference for them.

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Hair doesn’t bother me. I’ve dated guys that shaved all the time, and others who were quite hairy. My husband is in between. He sometimes shaves, or he lets it grow out.

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i mean, i’m not freaking chewbacca, like hairy shoulders and whatnot. i’m connery grade. there needs to be a guideline set up.

as for @hug_of_war : you are awesome.

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I love Sean Connery. HE can be as hairy as he wants to be.

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None is all right. Some on the chest is fine, too. A hairshirt, OTOH, is disconcerting.

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Hairy chests are great. Hairy backs are frightening . . .

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My boyfriend does not have chest, arm, or much facial hair because he is native. I love him this way because I really dislike hairy chests so it works out well.

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I like non hairy guys. And if they are open to letting me shave them, well, let me get my razor and shaving creme, and meet me in the shower, big fella!

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I’m open to hairy or non. Not gorilla grade, though.

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If you look like Chewie with your shirt off, some trimming or something would be nice. But whatever you’ve got, if you’re comfortable with it, that’s hot. :D

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I definitely prefer non-hairy. I like it for the same reason I shave my legs – I love the way smooth skin feels.

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