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Why does Facebook ask for the mobile number?

Asked by Laina (429points) June 10th, 2009

I just signed up for Facebook and it won’t let me verify my account until I tell them my cell number and they send me a verification text. Any way to avoid telling them?

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Are you sure you’re not signing up for Facebook Mobile? Because in order to do that, you need to send in your phone number and get a verification text. my brother signed up for FB recently and they just had to verify the email, nothing more.

If you’re worried though, I can assure you, Facebook is good with your number and won’t do anything “funky”. I’ve used facebook Mobile and it didn’t cost me anything nor was I sent “junk texts”.

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Uh, that shouldn’t be the case. You verify by email, not text.

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The thing is, every time I added someone as a friend, one of those things with the funky letters appeared and I had to write the words in the box. After a while it said, Tired of this? Verify your account. So I clicked, and it asked me for my country and cell number to “check that I was a real person”.

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Exact quote:

Security Check

[funky picture here]
Sick of these? Verify your account.
Text in the box: ____________

Upon clicking the Verify button:

Confirm Your Phone
Facebook uses security tests to ensure that the people on the site are real. Having a mobile phone helps us establish your identity. Please verify your account by confirming your phone here. We’ll text you a confirmation code.

Please select your country code (e.g. ‘1’ for US/Canada) and enter your mobile number without any special characters.

Country Code:
Phone Number:

After you enter your mobile phone, we will send you a text message with a verification code. When you enter this code on the site, that will confirm your identity and we will stop showing you security tests. Facebook does not charge for this service, but your carrier’s normal rates still apply.

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This is right, I had to do this to verify my account (definately not mobile) I just gave them my number, but it wasn’t really a big deal. Just one little text. Then again my Dad has an account and no cell phone ( I know he’s a caveman) so I’m not sure if he verified his. You could always use a friends phone :)

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Thanks to everybody :)

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Yes but they should be asking for a mobile number just to verify the account. Not counting on the fact that some people don’t have one , have pay as you go , or simply don’t want to give their phone number to a site that – I don’t care what they say – can always pass it to affiliates or even just start sending you text messages anything they think something new in facebook might interest us. I pay for each text I send and receive, and I don’t need this bull.

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I need help, When Facebook asked me to enter my Mobile Phone Number, I didn’t notice that I have to enter my MOBILE number, So I’ve entered my Home Number, And they’ve sent the Verification Code to a Home Number, So I couldn’t receive it and Now I can’t log in my Account

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Folks, FaceBook is discriminating against those who do not have a cell phone. They are trying to force people to add a cell number before they can log in. They want these cell phone number so they can send you a verification code to be entered that is received on your cell phone before you can get into your account. Due to cut backs and the economy many people do not, and do not want a cell phone in their possession. I have written them many times concerning this and so far no luck. I came across a phone number
(650–543-4800) That only gives recordings. You would think that FaceBook would have a customer service, they don’t. Rather odd, since this site is people oriented, seeking out friends from the past and present to reconnect on one level or another. Than, there is the entertainment side that people build Farms, Frontiers, Play Mafia and slew of others. Which many of us worked hard and patiently to level up and create or master these games.
All is lost because you can’t get a confirmation code, They won’t eMail it, they won’t call your home phone and speak personally to you and give you this code…Only by text on a phone not used in anyway before, on FaceBook.. A real discriminating flaw. They never mention in the terms and conditions of use that you HAVE to have a cell phone for Security Comfirmation. They say they are not liable for what is on their site. It DOES NOT say that
they wouldn’t be guilty of Discriminating against one…(MANY)
I called the above phone number and didn’t get anywhere..They said at this time we do not have customer service..and to leave a message..Waited, NO messaging was offered.
They don’t want to hear from their supporters…They put you in the dark, leaving you no where to turn. I found the following address for them:

Facebook, Inc.

471 Emerson St.,
Palo Alto, CA 94301–1605,
United States (Map)

Phone: 650–543-4800
Fax: 650–543-4801

FaceBook Inc.
156 University Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 853–1300

IF they present this practice of insisting a cell phone number to verify that you are the true user of FaceBook. We might be better off to get together and file a class action lawsuit for discrimination. In the terms and condition it states that we can not hold them liable but
discrimination is another gender that is not mentioned..(Heck, they couldn’t do that because that is against the law, which now they are breaking!

Otherwise we will need to open a new eMail account. (Can not use a eMail address more than once on FaceBook)
Use a fake ID, because we had already gave our legal ID.
Make falsified statements on registration.
Create a New Account. (Can not be the same as the one you registered before)
Create a New Password (Can not be the same as the one you registered before)
And make a new Profile.

You will not be able to merge your old account with the new one.
You will not be able to get credits for the games etc. you played before. You will have to
start from scratch.
You will have to find all your friends, neighbors, partners and ask them to be your friend,
neighbor, so forth.
And than, In time, the cell phone issue will pop up again..

Totally and radically disgusting.. Unjustified, but mostly Discriminating

Let’s storm FaceBook with letters. eMails and let them know that they are playing with
fire…That they are Discriminating their account holders illegally..

I know that in certain games if you don’t do a task in a certain time limit your animals, gardens will all be gone if you don’t get them in time..Time is of the essence.
We can’t let FaceBook blackball us because we don’t have a cell phone where they can
text us!
Some people are barely making money meet ends, Lay-offs, Illness etc., Economy has taken a big bite our incomes.. We don’t want, need or use a cell phone..I don’t know any
sites that tell you that you HAVE to have a cell phone with texting to be on their site.
IF there is one, it best be in the Terms and Conditions. I wouldn’t register with them, if that be the case…
I am really disgusted with the quick changes that FaceBook decided to pull off on us.
If they wanted that everyone should of had a eMail informing them of it.
Or, every person who registers from here on out HAS to have a cell phone with text on it.
Don’t change their minds in mid-stream when FaceBook is the largest of its type..World-
Wide. There are still many states that don’t have Cell Phone capacity. This site has dished out a real flurry of mud on us..
Write them, Call them, (even if we can’t talk to a real person.) They should be equipped with a full staff of Customer Service Representatives. People connecting with People…should be their main concern..That is what FaceBook is all about..
After thought: I have read on other forums,(even FaceBooks) that cell phone holders are finding added charges on their cell phones. connected with FaceBook. They are not happy…
FaceBook says they are completely FREE…I am beginning to wonder…
Let’s join forces and get this Cell Phone issue in their FACE and get back in track with the way it should be…(Cell Phone Verification went into effect just a couple of weeks ago)
Let’s get DISCRIMINATION off the table!

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Your right this is bullshit. All a sudden i lost connection then asked me to login and use a mobile phone verification witch i dont have. Also there Use alternate verifications tab has a dam glitch on it. So everytime you press it , it glitches. I mean seriously they just want to see how many people will sue the daylights out of them? Does anyone know anyway to solve this or can get around this? I dont have a mobile phone , havent had one for quite some time now. Thanks


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Face Book is discriminating against everyone who does not TEXT with his or her cell (mobile) phone. I am one of these people. I went onto Face Book to find friends from places I have worked in years past, and people I knew when I lived on the East Coast.
So a ‘school’ site would not find as many people as a page on Face Book would. I have located 6 childhood friends, and one person from a job I worked in the past. Then all of a sudden I got the page with the message that I had to send a TEXT message to Face Book before I could get onto my page. I was told that I was to send a letter F by TEXT before they would allow me onto my Face Book page again. The message said it wanted to verify that I am a ‘real person.’
How appropriate that they want me to send them a letter F.

I have spoken with my phone carrier and I have been told that I can set up TEXT service any time, and cancel it at any time. It looks like I will do this just to get back onto Face Book to cancel out all of my personal information because this experience has soured me on Face Book.

A class action law suit will stop this practice of cutting off a person’s access to their Face Book page after they have created it by insisting that they TEXT a message to Face Book. Once Face Book has your cell (mobile) number they are free to send you TEXT messages any time, and these messages are then charged to your cell (mobile) phone number. They tell you that they will not charge you for the first message but it is afterwards when they have your number that you will be charged.

Ten cents a message to one million people adds up to one hundred thousand dollars in revenue for each time this is done. What I don’t know is how much Face Book gets from each ten cents that is charged to each person’s cell (mobile) number. How many people are on Face Book?

I have read stories online where people are claiming that they are being charged for TEXT messages sent to their cell (mobile) phone once Face Book has their phone number. Check your own phone bill and check to see if Face Book has charged you for TEXT messages they have sent to your cell (mobile) phone that you did NOT request they send to you. The charges will be very small in the ten cents range. Remember you have to multiply that small amount by the number of people the messages are being sent to to get the amount of money Face Book is making off of this practice. Once you send Face Book your number it is legally ‘implied’ that you have given them ‘permission’ to send you TEXT messages, and charge you for each message.

Solomio…Carol Garnier Dutra…yes, I am a ‘real person’. Google my name and you can read my Blogs.

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Update on my problem accessing my Face Book page.

This morning I called Verizon and had a TEXT app installed on my Verizon phone.
I called Face Book with the TEXT phone number they provided to me in an online printed box that contained the number 32665, which spells FBook.

Ho…hum…twiddling my thumbs as I contain my thoughts on all of this…

My phone carrier, Verizon, told me in a message from my phone that I need a ten (10)-digit phone number to TEXT a message. Face Book has given me only a five (5)-digit number. So I doubled the phone number that Face Book gave me, online, thinking that Face Book meant this number to be doubled to equal ten (10) digits. .

Doubling 32665 does NOT work.

Is there anyone out there viewing Internet Land, who knows the REAL Face Book number to send a TEXT to.
Face Book obviously doesn’t know what their TEXT number is, as is evident from the number they are displaying online to persons trying to get back into their Face Book pages.

A reply on Flutter from someone who knows the real Face Book TEXT number will be appreciated.

Carol Garnier Dutra

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Update on Update…
The five (5) digit phone number worked once I got out my book that came with my phone, and read what it had to say about TEXTing. The information I got from Verizon on how to send a TEXT message wasn’t complete so I kept getting the verbal message that I needed a ten (10)-digit number for TEXTing.
Hey, do you get the idea that I never sent a TEXT before?

After I sent Face Book the F they requested, I kid you not they wanted an F, they requested from my cell (mobile) phone they gave me the option to open a new page (account), which I have done.
Face Book can’t seem to open my original page (account) so it is somewhere in the vast empty that is Face Book, just floundering around like a jelly fish with all the other nice pages (accounts) that have also been kidnapped by one of the Face Book servers, and are being held for the ransom of their owners to send a TEXT message to free them.

I did send the TEXT message, and my poor original page is still out there in that vast sea of kidnapped Face Book pages. Right now I am awaiting confirmation to be ‘friends’ with MY OWN ORIGINAL Face Book page.
I am waiting anxiously for my reply!

Carol Garnier Dutra

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Ok so what do we do about this? I am all in for a group complaint or whatever we have to do. I am getting tired of this problem. A few months ago I tried signing up and after putting in all of my information, I kept getting the same message that I needed to confirm my identity with a cell number. I do have a cell but it is TRACPHONE and apparently they do not accept that. I wrote many complaint messages to them about this with no response of course. I finally tried from a friends computer a few weeks later and was able to make my account. I have been using it for the past 2 months now. I was even on yesterday but all of a sudden now I am trying to log on and it keeps saying that I need a mobile number to verify my account, but if they don’t accept my mobile account provider how am I supposed to do this??? This is making me very mad since I have been on a lot recently with no problem and of course, now that I need to talk to a friend of mine, I am not able to log on…. wow, facebook is really messed up now. Is there anything we can do to stop this? I have tried help messages but I seem to get nowhere…..

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I have been frustrated by what the Face Book gang has done to me the last week.

Over several days, I emailed them multiple times, and I received several answers back from the group at Face Book. A thread that went through their correspondence with me was that they didn’t know what happened to my original page. They didn’t know what happened….

But I got no results getting back on the site until I was able to TEXT the F to the five digits phone number they provided. They now have my private number.

Face Book lost my original page so I am still unable to access it.

So I am waiting for people to contact me who were on my original, first, page.

What could we make a claim to within a lawsuit against Face Book?

The most that has been done to us is we have become frustrated from the bad treatment we have all received from the Face Book gang. And of course there is the issue of forcing people to learn to TEXT, which is what I have had to do. That was a frustrating experience in itself!
Is that a form of discrimination to force a person to TEXT in order to post on that site?
They won’t even accept posts of any length.
Everything written on Face Book has to be short, which limits the amount of information you can impart to a communication.

The best that can come of all of what we have gone through is for our frustrations to appear online for others to read, which is what we are doing now by posting here about the bad treatment we have received from the group at Face Book.

I intend to leave my new page up that they have so graciously allowed me to put up only because it is a ‘stepping stone’ to other pages that I am interested in.

Of course there is something else to consider. If within a few months we learn that Face Book is using all of our TEXT numbers to market a witzit or a wasit then we may have grounds for a ‘real’ lawsuit. Save all of your emails both from yourself and from Face Book in case you need them sometime in the future.

Perhaps the best advice we could get from council today is to remain patient…and wait.

If we learn that providing our cell phone numbers to Face Book was all a marketing ploy for Face Book to use our cell phone numbers in a marketing scheme, TEXTing us about products they are pushing, then we should all meet back here, and plan out our strategy from that point on.


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I just had this happen to me.

I have had my Facebook account for over 2 years, and tonight I get a message saying I need to verify my account by not only giving them my cell phone number, but also texting them. I refuse to give Facebook my cell phone number since they are constantly messing with privacy settings, and on more than one occasion, all my info suddenly became visible to everyone. Also, I do not have texting on my cell phone, and refuse to pay an additional charge to send out a message, and risk having them start sending me unwanted texts.

They WILL be hearing from me in the morning. I just spent money on Facebook credits over the weekend. If I cannot access my Facebook anymore, they will be giving me all the money back I have spent on credits for games I can not longer access because they are tied into my Facebook account.

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I was listening to a tech program today, and heard a rumor that the FB gang is developing a ‘phone’. Would this have anything to do with what is going on with our accounts?

What happened to me when I was asked for my cell number was I clicked, and then I was asked for the name of my carrier, they didn’t ask me to give them my actual phone number. Then I was asked to call a five-digit phone number, and then TEXT an ‘F’ to the phone number.
They ‘captured’ my phone number from my TEXT transmission.

Something is ‘up’!

Good luck in getting a ‘live’ person to talk to. If you do then please let everyone know the number you called that was not manned by a ‘bot’.

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Looks like Facebook wants to charge users for credits to play games, but they lie and say it’s for “verification”. Don’t believe them. A lot of people are getting these requests, not just for cell phone numbers, but credit cards too. Did you know cell phones can be charged just like a credit card? It’s an outrage! They have no right to ask for this infomation, don’t give it out to them! Report them to the Federal Trade Commission for consumer privacy concerns. If they are suppose to be a“free” site, then why are they selling Facebook gift cards at Target? I just found a Facebook group that talks about this problem. Check it out. It’s called “No To Facebook Request For Credit Card or Mobile Phone Information”. Here’s a link to this group:

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Here’s a group on Facebook that wants to boycott Facebook on October 6th for this invasion of privacy:

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Hey – get a load of this – I found this explanation on the the official Facebook Help Center web-site:

Q: How can I verify my account if I don’t have a mobile phone with text messaging?
A: If you are unable to verify your account through a mobile device, another way to verify your account is to affiliate with a college or university that provides you with an email address. You can add a college network from the Networks tab of your Account Settings page. Unfortunately, if you cannot verify through a mobile device or by adding a college network, you will continue to see the captcha and have to wait until a later time to sign up for a username.

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you can use one of those free online services that receives the SMS (mobile text messages) and forward them to your email.
basically the deal is you open an account on these sites and provide your email address, they in return give you a mobile number and that is what you submit to facebook.
the SMS goes straight to the email you specified on the free online service mentioned

if you find this helpful , please let everybody know which one of those free services you choose.

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Something just occurred to me. What if my phone is stolen or lost and I can’t get my old number with a new phone? What on earth is Facebook trying to achieve anyway? Lately, they seem like a mass of confusion. They are constantly changing settings or whatever. If you want to see what I mean, just search YouTube on how to do something on FB. If the video is more than a few months old, it’s practically useless because whatever is being demonstrated in the video is now defunct! This has been my experience a lot recently.

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i have given facebook my friggin home phone number because i dont have a cell phone and this was against my wishes!! i dont put my phone number on the internet anywhere!! okay so i got the code and put it in and i was not being asked for a while… BUT after a couple of months, they are now wanting my phone number again! and again! and again!! over and over!! i am not doing the code thing again! i already did it!! cut it out!! i didnt want to give out my home number to begin with and i am not going out to buy a cell phone just for the sake of facebook!!

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I find face book suspicious all round. But if you had a huge massive base of people wouldnt you put it all to good use? I think they are up to things in order to use that base for monetary gain.

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