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Why do they call it a glovebox?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) June 10th, 2009

Or even glove compartment? Did they used to store gloves in that compartment in the car? It was a random thought.

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Gloves, flask of booze, pistol/revolver, brass knuckles, yup.

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Yes, when driving gloves were pretty much a standard accessory, that’s what it was for.

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Pretty obvious hey

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The bigger question is: why do Brits call a hood, a bonnet? wtf

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Why do Americans call it a hood? Wtf

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Ain’t you just the stereotypical Yank!

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@Bobbydavid…Hell if I know why we call it a hood…I just ask questions, and know very little. But a bonnet? I sure miss my MGB & my Midget (I do not miss getting soaked in the rain {with the convertible top up, silly} or the never ending battle of keeping dual carbs in synch). Regards from the good side of the pond…wtf

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By the way, how’s GM doing lately?

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I pray that the US isolate themselves from the rest of the world for the sake of humanity. Until I used fluther, I had nothing but respect for Americans. Now I have nothing but contempt. Your ideals rock but individually…...WTF as you put it

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Geez…Just because your cars leak? No sense of humour (your spelling, out of respect).

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Screw my spelling, I’m not sat at my pc unlike you. Not really caring if my spelling from a phone is ok for your highness!

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There seems to have been a misunderstanding here. @whatthefluther signs all of his answers (well, except that last one) with wtf because it stands for WhatTheFluther. Also, I don’t think he was criticizing @Bobbydavid‘s spelling, but using the alternate spelling of the word Americans spell ‘humor’. Now, can you boys shake hands and be friends?

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Who pissed in your porridge?

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Mother bear pissed in it and I’m not happy

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@Bobbydavid…Sorry, I was away from my pc for a bit. @augustlan is correct on all counts, Sorry if I offended you…it was not meant that way.
Have a nice evening…whatthefluther

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Its called a glove compartment because…well…you store gloves there. Many early cars didn’t have a hard top and gloves were needed to keep hands from going numb while driving (sort of like on a motorcycle).

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