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Does anyone know a good way to alphabatize a list of names in a document?

Asked by seek2be (127points) December 28th, 2007

I have a list of names about four pages long in an Open Office Writer document. Is there an easy way to automatically alphabetize them rather than going through and doing it manually?

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Copy and paste to this online tool:

Make sure to set the Type of Separator to Use a line break separator (For alphabetizing lines)

I haven’t used it for such a large file. It might choke on that.

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Call up your program and look for the help menu. Query for the term “sort” and follow those instructions.

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Save the file as plain text.
Open up a terminal window.
In the terminal window, type: sort path_to_file/file.txt
To save the output in another file, type: sort path_to_file/file.txt > path_to_new_file/new_file.txt

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