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Is my dog going to be fine?

Asked by Hysteria (53points) June 10th, 2009

My dog got into the garbage and ate about 3 spicy ribs left over from dinner. I don’t think he got any bone but the ribs were pretty heavily seasoned. Is this any cause for concern? He seems fine now as he’s just sleeping beside me, but then again, he did just eat them. (he’s an italian greyhound, if that makes a diff)

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I’m sure he’ll be fine. My dog once got into the trash and ate plastic. We had to take him to the vet because he started throwing up but he made it through just fine. As long as he’s not throwing up or having any nasty diarrhea he should be fine.

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We have an Italian Greyhound named Spencer and he eats everything it seems (he is partial to prime rib roast and pasta). But, I must defer your specific question to the experts. See ya…wtf

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One of my brothers-in-law had an old lab that ate approximately 9lbs of raw ribs, styrofoam package and plastic wrapping included. Nothing was left, the dog was fine but his farts were horrendous for a few days.

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Why did you throw away perfectly good ribs?

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If you see any symptoms of lethargy or unusual behavior take your dog to the vet. There is very little problem with the situation you describe. Call the vat and explain your concerns.

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If you are still nervous call your local 24 hour pet emergency clinic. The do not mind your call and can give you better instructions than us.

Be alert for sudden need to go out.

Aside of that- unless our awesome @syz comes on by I think you are good.

PS: @Hysteria Welcome to Fluther!

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thanks everyone. He seems to be just fine, this is really just for my own piece of mind. I tend to over-worry about these things.
P.S-house is being renovated and the fridge can’t be plugged in. Rib’s were a gift from some thoughtful family members. It did hurt to toss them though; they were delicious. My dog can attest to that :)

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I love Italian Greyhounds! He’ll probably be okay but if he doesn’t eat tomorrow or can’t keep stuff down, I’d get him to a vet ASAP. Spicy stuff could give him the runs so be sure he stays hydrated and all should be well. Silly, wonderful little dogs…

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he’s been drinking like crazy which is good. His appetite has never really been all that big, or at least it isn’t when it comes to his dog food. He can go a whole day and not finish a whole bowl or if he’s having a good day, polish off 2. Based on that, it might be difficult to monitor his appetite but i’ll definitely be able to tell of he’s not being his crazy ol’ self.

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My little mutt is a crazy thing, too. She is not allowed any people food, but sometimes she gets whatever we drop. Fortunately she can’t reach the trash. However, two nights ago my husband “accidentally” dropped a mini marshmallow and she ate it. Bad idea. She licked the walls for an hour and finally burped. Who knew those things were so full of gas? Poor little thing. Spicy meat dropped on the ground on a camping trip? Not a problem. Sometimes these dogs do just fine with truly horrible things, and then go into a wild panic over a marshmallow. Anyway, best wishes to the greyhound…

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How’s you dog doing today?

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My little dude is doing great, thank you for asking. He’s back to his crazy ol’ self

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Great news! Spencer and I send best regards to you and Hurley.

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I love a happy ending!
Thank you for letting us know.

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