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How can I schedule a date?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) June 10th, 2009

So I’m really into this girl, and I know she’s really into me. We met through a friend and we talk a lot on msn and Twitter, and during school we saw each other a lot too. Now, it’s summer and she lives like an hour drive away. Her mom is kinda strict and likes her to be home early and she works a lot during the day, also on weekends. We’ve been communicating a lot over the internet because that’s our only way (she doesn’t have a cell phone), and I really want to see her again, but as a date. I’ve asked her out over msn (yeah, I know, kinda sucks but it’s the only way possible), and she says she really wants to but she can’t because of timing and her mom’s strictness.

Do you have any tips on what I can do?

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Spend some time hanging at her house. Let her mom get to know you.

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Plan on some family actigities such as picnic or amusement park, and invite her family to join you.

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But the thing is, she isn’t available during the day. She works almost nonstop, and the strictness of her family only comes in at night, which is the alternative to the day.

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Why can’t you spend time there in the evenings? You two could watch a movie, play video games, etc.

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@augustlan She lives kinda far and I don’t have my license yet. I could drive, but only with someone else in the car. Plus, she goes to bed relatively early so she can get ready for the next day. Some nights she wants to go out, but her mom pressures her to stay home so she can get ready for the next day.

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if classic literature has taught me anything, run away together, then commit suicide somewhere. that’ll teach her mom.

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It sounds like you are already doing it. It looks like you have rejected all our ideas, so I don’t see much left. Good Luck.

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I too see no wish to find a solution. We can’t make you own a car, driver’s license or winged chariot, nor can we change your girl’s work schedule, her bed time or her family rules. And it is true, night is the only alternative to the day.

Have you met her family? Maybe if you can find a way to spend a little time with them and prove how likable, conservative, polite and law-abiding you are, her mom will bend a little.

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Ask to talk to her mom directly about it. Her mom will probably appreciate it and be more willing to work something out. Maybe she’ll ask you for dinner and you and the little lady can hang out in a semi-private environment after the eats. Or ask your parents if you can have her over for dinner. Be a man! Stop rejecting ideas and fight for your woman, damn it!

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And if the girl isn’t willing to plan on scheduling time with her family in advance, and be able to stay awake to see you during that time, then perhaps she’s not ready to date.

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I hope this person is another ape.

“Humans are so damn ugly”
– Zira

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Thanks for the advice guys. I’ll give her a call, and I’ll try to meet her family so after we can go out by ourselves. I guess I have been a little narrow minded, but now I see more possibilities.

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well how far are you willing to go to break the rules? are you worth it? is she worth it?
she if she would lay out of work to spend the day with you.

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@Clair I know that she’s worth it, but I’m not sure if she thinks the same about me. I’m going away in the fall to another city for university, and I’m thinking that it is possible, but I have no idea what she thinks of that. That’s my biggest worry. As for work, she needs to work.

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I would say it is up to her to find the time and up to you to find the way.
You have expressed interest and seem willing to go see her so she just needs to be willing to make the time.

Who cares if there is another person in the car when you drive out at night?
You would still get to see her.

My buddies and I did a 9 hour road trip one time to camp out overnight just so one friend could see his girlfriend for a few hours.

if the two of you can’t find a way, then it isn’t worth the hassle.

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doesn’t she have a day off? especially during the summer, i’m sure you can at least fit an hour in somewhere that you can get dropped off at her house, make nice with the parents. i actually know a girl with a hectic work schedule and dreadfully overprotective parents. but her last boyfriend met with the parents, and her mom absolutely loved him, so there were major exceptions made.
sounds like a difficult situation but if you remain positive/determined, i’m sure you can win her over. (:

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Go buy a greyhound ticket to her town. Go in to where she works, and ask when her break is. Or, find her house and knock on her window at night.

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