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If you could only choose between money, fame or love, which would you choose?

Asked by applesaucemanny (1775points) June 10th, 2009

and why would you choose it? This question have come up in both of the Spanish classes I attended and I have chosen love..why? because with love I wouldn’t need money or fame :)
so what would you choose?

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Honestly, I would choose fame, but not superficial fame. I would want fame, as in appreciation for something I contributed intellectually, not just for my looks or a show I did.

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Love, all the way. Life without it is just too sad.

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I’d go for love. Money and fame can be earned with hard work and a bit of luck, while love is exact opposite.

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I’ve had money and then no money and then money and no money, bah and blah. Fame seems like a hassle so I’ll take more love.

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Meaning that I can be given one in abundance, but I have to earn the other two? Money all the way. The lack of money has caused me more stress and problems than the lack of love ever has.

Meaning that I only ever get one of the three? Love.

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Money can buy you fame and friends but sharing your life with someone you love transcends everything and can get you through the toughest of times, like nothing else.

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I’ve been poor in the past, and I was happy. I’ve never had fame, and yet I am happy. If you took away the love that I have always felt, I don’t think I’d want to be around. It’s love all the way!

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Love, because it conquers all.

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This is an easy question. Love. My goal isn’t to be rich or famous right now. I don’t think that’s ever going to change. Besides, being in love with the right person makes you feel like you are the most famous, wealthiest person ever…. and that is a great feeling.

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Love. Maybe Fame

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There’s really a decision here? Love. Hands down.

I’ve had money, I don’t have as much now. I’m happier than ever before, why? I have love. I have the love of a husband, daughter and son – nothing else compares. I think the dogs, cat, guinea pig, hamster and fish love me too. I’m the one that always remembers to feed them!


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I’d happily go with unknown, poor, and loved.

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Am I just being for sure given one of them forever and unlimited, or are the other two off limits after picking one?

Cuz I mean if that’s the case, money in a heart beat.

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I never wanted to be famous so giving that up is no biggie. Now between love and money is hard. In my life, love has come and gone, so has money. I think I can live without love, but you gotta have money or you starve and live in the streets.

I choose money, that makes me either really practical or really shallow, hehehehe.

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I have to go with money, for the same reasons as @rooeytoo. Love is awesome, but it doesn’t pay my bills.

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Surely this is a poll question?

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I’ve had all 3 at various points in my life (sometimes simultaneously), and, like yourself, I’d choose love. I’m currently quite famous and even though I owe money to the bank, I’m generally well off with enough money for my day to day expenses. But I no longer have a girlfriend (the last one I had lives 6 countries away) and haven’t seen my daughter since Christmas. And I’m exremely unhappy. So there you go.

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@Bobbydavid: Surely if you have a problem with it, you can flag it?

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@Bobbydavid This could easily be a poll question, but how exciting would that be? The interest here is in the reasoning behind the simple answer. It sounds like you could use a little more love.

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To be rich (and/)or famous, yet feel unloved, would be totally unsatidsying for me. Humans are social animals, first and foremost.

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money. cuz then i can buy love and be famous for my money like trump. plus my favorite past time is traveling, i have expensive taste, money will also take care of that.

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Fame means nothing to me. Money would be nice, but I would not be happy if I had money without love.

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I would choose love because it is the most important, meaningful and satisfying choice, bar none, and it will always outlast fame and money.

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when i think of ‘love’, i don’t just think of it in a romantic sense. perhaps i’m just reading too much into the word, but i think a life without love would be a life without being passionate about anything and anybody. which would really not be a life at all.

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I can make my own money, I have no need for fame. But love is a hard thing to find.

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would anyone seoiously not answer “love” to this question

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Yes. Totally seriously.

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I didn’t answer love.

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but, seriously, folks…..

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Love. If fame or money are things you want, you may be surprised but they only come when love is first.

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@onesecondregrets : my impression is that there is much anecdotal evidence of people who have fame and money, but end up regretting not having love, so i doubt that most people think that fame and money come only when love is first. For example, note how often one hears people say, “on their deathbed, you’ll never hear someone say, ‘i wish i had spent more time on work and less on my family.’ ”

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