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If 7/11 is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year... why are there locks on the doors?

Asked by Dr_C (14334points) June 10th, 2009

seriously… they have a couple of people working in the store at all times so they can do inventory and stuff without closing…. what is the point?

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so when they get shut down for good no one could get in? I don’t know that’s the only thing I could think of

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but if it’s shut down for good then they take all the stuff out.. who would care about someone breaking in? what would they steal?

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to keep zombies out, duh

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@hungryhungryhortence i wish i could lurve you 1000 times for that.. but the zombies ate my lurve button!

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Damn Zombies

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Or maybe to keep zombies in?

7–11 could just be a government front for zombie protection.

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they came with the doors

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While I love the zombie idea… I have actually seen closed 7–11s. It happens when the power goes out, or they don’t have running water, or are shut down by the health department.

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And adding to what @augustlan says one of our 7–11’s locks the door when the drawers are changed out with a new shift. But it is only for a couple of minutes.

That and to keep the zombies in the walk in freezer.

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@augustlan you just HAD to come up with a plausible explanation didn’t you? lol…

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I know. Zombies are much more fun. :(

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So they can lock the zombies in when they go for their jumbo slurpee.

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My 711 closes on christmas and a couple other holidays that im not sure of.

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Leap years have 366 days :P

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@dverhey Exactly!

We should stop talking about it… The CIA is on to us knowing the secret plan now.

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DAMNIT!!! Do NOT mention the CIA!

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Restroom break when staffed by single employee…wtf

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Funny, my first answer was going to be so the CIA can hold out in one with the zombies outside, but then I figured I really shouldn’t…

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Damn near everyone wants a lock on the door. Why should 7–11 have special doors made when they can just buy cheap ones with locks?

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@johnpowell because they would be cool! trend setters… not mindless sheep just following any passing fad like “security” or “safety” or “not getting shot in the face over a twinky”

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Damn all of these feasible answers!

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Though augustlan makes sense, I still go with Zombies. It’s always zombies.

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I think it’s because of zombies in need of bathroom breaks during a power outage.

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Not all 7/11 owns their buildings.

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@loser zombies use the bathroom? I seriously underestimated them!

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@cak- everyone poops.;)

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@Dog I’m seriously giggling here…I just snorted. I know that, silly! I just didn’t think they used the bathroom. I mean watch them…it’s not like they are the pillars of social etiquette or standards. I didn’t know they still cared about bathroom privacy. I love that book, by the way.

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@cak- Well- I did not say they wiped.

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@Dog Okay, that makes more sense. Luvre, again!

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I own a 711 n in 7 years we have used the locks one time!
The black out of 2003!

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@Bobbilynn -Seriously? Wow!

Edited to add: By the way, welcome to Fluther! :)

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Free slurpees courtesy of @Bobbilynn!!!

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I just pictured a bunch of zombies wandering around with Slurpee cups and straws in their mouths slurping away!!! hee! hee!

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@loser brain slurpees! nom nom nom

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Sure, free slurpees for those who mention “fluther” just wisper it at the counter!

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Wasn’t this question on The Simpsons or something?

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There are locks on the door because the 7–11 is a front for the lock making community.
Convincing all of us that if a place that is open 24/7 needs a lock then we all need a lock..
Locksmiths are very industrious people.

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waffle houses don’t have locks..i suppose zombies don’t like waffles.

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They have locks so people can keep telling this joke, thus giving them free promotional advertisements.

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They close for Hurricanes!

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To add to @augustlan‘s list, if they are ever robbed or crime scene, the police will ask them to lock the doors to secure the scene.

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Because at one point every quarter they shut down for 3–4 hours to do inventory, my friend was a manager in one in DC for like 5 years besides when the buildings built it’s usually built either as something else or built then leased by 7–11 although most people inside look like zombies the locks were probably there before them

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the one in pittsburgh closes at like 9pm

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@jerrytown the ONE in Pittsburgh? there’s only ONE 7/11 in the entire Pittsburgh metropolitan area? Sad. No wonder steelers fans get so cranky :p

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