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Would you sell your soul to gain the world?

Asked by Mr_Callahan (806points) June 11th, 2009

Provided you believe there is a soul.

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What’s the going rate for souls nowadays? By the kilo?

Where is the best market?

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I’d do a lease type deal.

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Deal! Where do I sign?

I’ll even throw in a free bag of fairy dust

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Well I don’t believe there’s a soul. But I’m answering it anyway :P I’ll replace soul with arm. No, I wouldn’t sell my arm to gain the world, because I don’t want the world, it’s a disgusting awful dirty nasty place, and if I somehow gained the world I would be extremely tempted to destroy it.

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since the ‘soul’ is intangible, and there is a possibility that there is no afterlife,
yeah sure. with the world, you have something to show for it. i’d like to ask someone to show me their soul.

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I would sell my “soul” to gain an Audi R8.

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Are you kidding? I would sell my soul for yellow glitter eyeliner….

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@cheebdragon: Dude, I so would.

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You people are being too hasty. Before agreeing so quickly, remember the lessons learned in Simpsons, Season 7, Episode 4, “Bart Sells His Soul.”

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Its to bad you can’t sell something that truly does not belong to you. Otherwise I am sure many folks would sell there souls. Also, how can your soul be replaced in context for an arm. Really, why would anybody want to posses another persons arm. Now a soul…you would hold their world in your hands and control the very fibers of there being. Hmmmmmmm ; )

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@PapaLeo i think i can handle not being able to breathe on an ice cream cooler and writing in it.

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meh, i don’t want the world

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I used to date a girl named World, sis’ was arrayed in glamour and gold.
But now I got a new best friend [Jesus] , cuz the world will keep you dry and watch you die in the end.

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Everyone’s idea of what the world is is different. As the planet? So are you asking would you sell your soul to be a god? Gain is not always a good word.
Gaining the word globally? Too many things to take care of, have enough to do taking care of my own home. I love my home, but sometime I gain too much dog poo in the back yard.

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@wenn But then you wouldn’t be able to get through the doors at the Quik-E-Mart!!!

(Ref: locks on doors at 7/11s)

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@PapaLeo ill bring a hammer.

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Attribution; “What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?”
Mar chapter 8 verse 36.

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Thanks gail, I knew I heard it somewhere. The preacher needs a new mike.

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@wenn Be sure and swing it in the morning.

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would I ever…
1,000,000,00.00 and it’s yours(obo)

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Not at all. The world is amazing and mostly beautiful, except where our kind has made a mess of it, but I would not want to be responsible for it. A little tiny piece of it will do for me.

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eww, why would you want that?

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@PapaLeo don’t forget the Simpsons episode where Homer sold his soul to the devil… since he had already given it to marge he promptly got it back. Cold be a plan!.

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@Dr_C LOL: “Don’t touch, Homer’s soul doughnut”

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