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I'm home watching a sick 6 year old. Any good kids movies that you'd recommend for him?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 11th, 2009
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Something funny and cute that you’d both enjoy (and he might never have seen before): Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Or you could show something like Shrek, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, or any of the Wallace and Gromit movies.

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Any of the Disney Pixar movies. The Incredibles, Bolt, either of the Toy Story movies, Cars.

Journey to the Center of the Earth is fun for kids, especially if you get the 3D version. Yesterday my boys watched Treasure Planet and loved it.

We have a DVD with all of the episodes of Walking with Dinosaurs. I don’t think it was originally intended for kids, but my kids love it. It’s not too gory or scary. We also have a DVD of an IMAX movie about ocean life—can’t remember the title, but it’s narrated by Johnny Depp and that chick from Titanic. The kids love that one too.

He might also like Underdog, Hotel for Dogs, Zathura, Jumanji, The Chronicals of Narnia, or Harry Potter (the more recent Harry Potters might be too intense for a six year old, but that’s your call).

You can even go old school with the original Star Wars movies or something like The Princess Bride. Have fun!

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@MissAusten: We are both on the same page here. I’m beginning to wish I was a sick 6 year old right now.

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@MissAusten – lurve for The Princess Bride! Inconceivable! Great suggestions!

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Anybody want a peanut? :)

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I second @MissAusten‘s recommendation for any of the Disney/Pixar’s, most specifically Toy Story and Finding Nemo.

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Love the Pixar stuff, but for a change of pace, a friend of mine recently got her kids watching the Apple Dumpling Gang movies. They love them.

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I always loved the movie Labyrinth with David Bowie.

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I just asked the almost 6-year-olds I’m with about their favorite movies to watch when sick.
Boy: Star Wars
Girl: Barbie Swan Lake and “the other one but I don’t know the name.”

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The Princess Bride. Or the Goonies. Finding Nemo or the Incredibles. Star Wars. Indiana Jones. The Neverending Story

The Princess Bride is good because in the movie, he’s sick too!

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Milo & Otis!!! Still one of the best movies ever, IMO. I am also a fan of The Brave Little Toaster. A more recent one that I love and haven’t seen listed yet is Happy Feet.

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The Princess Bride actually starts with a sick kid so it seems fitting.

Also, The Neverending Story was good when I was younger.

Otherwise, almost anything by Pixar would work.

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@jmah: This may be considered heresy, but how about reading out loud from some of his favorite books? If he is sick, staring at a screen may not be the best thing for him. Colds and flu may be accompanied by headaches. Sock puppets are fun also.

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Good idea, Gail. I’m going to go read The Princess Bride now!

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@MacBean: Get well soon.

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ooh ooh KUNG FU PANDA!!!

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@applesaucemanny Exactly what I was going to suggest!

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I totally admit being overly anal about what kids watch on TV, but am I the only one who thinks that Princess Bride and Labyrinth might be better for slightly older kids? I love those movies, btw.

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I would think the Princess Bride is okay for 6 years old. Labyrinth is a bit dark for that age.

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Anything by Pixar. That way you can actually enjoy the movie as well :P

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@Likeradar Now that I think about it, my daughter was 9 when I first watched Princess Bride with her. You’re right, six may be too young, and a kid that age might not even be really interested. Each kid is different though. And I’ve had such an urge to watch that movie all day now!

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Mary Poppins
Bedknobs & Broomsticks
The Lion King
The Iron Giant
The Goonies
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Swiss Family Robinson

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@Bluefreedom all excellent choices!

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