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I need to make my youth group Announcements more intresting , how can i do that?

Asked by me2you0987 (20points) June 11th, 2009
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What is your Youth Group? What kind of announcements are you making? If they are about events, times, dates, food and routine stuff, just list them. No one will remember, three minutes later, whether you were William Jennings Bryan or W 43. Speak clearly, don’t mumble and repeat everything twice. Then take your bow and sit down.

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Pull down your pants before you speak. That always works for me.

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What have you tried already? What are you doing now? You gotta give us SOME details to work with.

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Read up on decimation in the Roman Army. Everyone’ll be on their toes after that.

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Send e-mails, have a facebook site, set up group text reminders as an event gets closer. And make sure what the messages are about are actually interesting to the group. Teenagers need to be called repeatedly and coaxed into doing things. And they will not remember without reminders. It’s the nature of the beast. Hormonal rage deprives them of short term memory, just like menopause does in older women.

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Have a quiz after the announcements are over and throw out prizes for the first to come up with the answer. That makes kids pay attention.

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If it is a religious Youth Group, keep your pants on but try standing on your head.

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Announce more interesting things.

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if it’s a religious group, tell them Jesus is coming, so look busy.
if it’s a jewish religious group, tell them people who don’t listen are unclean til sundown.

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Thank you to every one who has helped out. Im not pulling my pants down, and yes this is a religious group. Right now i have a guy who comes up and just reads the announcements,alot of people like him but i would like to put some color into it and thats y i asked you for help. I love Judis thought, thats what im looking for. Anyone have any more?? plz

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@me2you0987 have the kids take turns reading the announcements, if they’re old enough to. do it randomly, so that they never know who’s gonna do it. offer rewards (similar to what @Judi said) if they do a good job and/or if the other kids pay attention to their peer.

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Thats a good one i like that, Thank you

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My husband and I were having the same problem with our youth group…One thing we are starting to do is record our announcements on video and including kids from the youth group in it..getting the kids involved is definitely a great idea..skits are always fun..I would suggest going on YouTube and checking out videos from “Agua Student Ministries”. I got alot of ideas from them.

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