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Do you and your S/O have one another's passwords?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) June 11th, 2009

My man and I have a document with all of our computer passwords on it. We keep it up to date and can check one another’s email, facebook, whatever, accounts at will. Do you have something similar with your partner? Would you consider this an invasion of privacy?

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…and no, I do not have any secret accounts he doesn’t know about.

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I change my passwords much more often than my husband, so he isn’t always up to date on my passwords.
I set up all our online stuff though, regarding paying bills…so I have to keep a notepad of all the usernames and passwords, so both of us can go on and pay bills.
But, yes we have each others passwords.

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I like a tad bit of autonomy. He doesn’t have my fluther password.

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No, we don’t have anything like that but I wouldn’t be opposed to it, I’m guessing he wouldn’t either. I have on occasion asked him for his password to retrieve pictures etc., off of emails, and vice-versa.

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Couples need their own space and need to trust each other.

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We share pw and account info as the need arises.

Neither I nor she checks “one another’s email, facebook, whatever, accounts at will.”

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My g/f and I had each other’s computer network passwords in college, so that we could transfer files to each other more easily or I could configure her account more correctly. Since then, I don’t think I’ve shared passwords with any subsequent g/fs. It hasn’t been an issue, that I recall.

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I don’t have my passwords written down anywhere and give them to @sccrowell on request, but she rarely remembers them. Hers are written down and I could locate if I needed something. However, we don’t look into each other’s email, etc….trust is solid between us.

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We’ve shared pws verbally, but haven’t written anything down.
I could probably remember them if I tried.

I don’t think it would be a big deal. We share everything anyway so there isn’t much to hide.

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We also share our password information. I do a lot more of the ‘business’ in our relationship meaning it is often necessary for me to use the email accounts to accomplish a goal. Therefore I do end up having more of his passwords memorized etc.. than he does mine. But I have given mine to him as well. We also have each others passwords for user-groups like myspace/facebook etc…. Neither of us have anything to hide and it makes things much easier this way. But we also have not written them down for one another unless it was needed at the moment.

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I’ve never believed in the sharing of personal accounts as I feel people have to have their own space to talk with family and friends. With a computer in the house for 8yrs, I never was asked for passwords by my SO and I never wanted his but since then I’ve heard from so many other people that it’s a declaration of trust now to exchange access to sites like Myspace, Facebook, etc.

It’s why I asked this question:

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I know most of hers and she mine , but we never look at each others things. I dont know her email password and vice versa though.

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I don’t know his passwords and he doesn’t know mine. We’re a couple, not a one-minded beast.
@hungryhungryhortence I don’t see it as a declaration of trust but as a declaration of giving up your privacy. And if someone can only prove trust by giving someone access to your accounts, the u r doing it rong.

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We share most- but like Casheroo I change mine often and my spouse sometimes is not in the loop

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While I wouldn’t be opposed to sharing them, and I did share one so he could help me with an account, I see no reason why we would need each other’s passwords. It’s definitely not a trust issue, at least not in my relationship.

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I trust my man completely and I know he trusts me, I also have nothing to hide from him. I would certainly never refer to us as a “one minded beast.” I’m not really even sure what that means or how sharing passwords would create such a thing.

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I agree with @SuperMouse. If anyone knows my husband and I, you would know that we are definitely not a “one minded beast”.

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@jonsblond and @SuperMouse Totally a crappy choice of wording on my part. My apologies.

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@Likeradar I still lurve you.

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I think you need trust and space in a relationship so I’d share passwords for shared things, but not for email, Facebook, or interpersonal correspondence.

It’s really not fair to the people who trust you when your SO can read their communication to you – especially when they think it’s private. Their relationship is with you, not your SO. I have friends and family that I share my deepest darkest secrets with, and if I knew that their SO was reading what I had to say, I’d want the option of not communicating with them about private matters electronically.

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We use the same 3–4 passwords for everyting. So even if I didn’t know it specifically, I could figure it out. I just tell her mine. Neither of us have anything to hide and neither of us are snoops

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@Likeradar me too.

@tinyfaery, we are like that too, our passwords are just variations on a theme. Your answer pretty much summed up my feelings about the whole password thing.

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All my passwords are programmed in a protected file, so anyone who has access to the one password that unlocks my computer would be able to find them. However, Hubby has complete access to my computer at any time with his LogMeIn program.

This is mostly because I don’t know anything about computers, and I don’t understand them. He not only knows all about them, he even speaks their language. I do not have and do not want much access to his computer.

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I have a list of all passwords, for all accounts. Sometimes my husband will have me post something for him, on a website he frequents. I don’t have anything to hide. He can check mine, whenever. He just has no interest in checking, just as I don’t check his accounts. I only go on when he asks me to do something for him – that’s it!

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I have nothing to hide. We share all of our passwords. I believe there is someone else on here who has a password of mine as well…

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