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My ViewSonic monitor needs repair. What to do? Please see details.

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 11th, 2009

I can send it to Viewsonic and they’ll fix it for $65 dollars + shipping. But they’ll take roughly 15 business days. Geek Squad can’t give me any estimate. I REALLY want to take it somewhere where I can get a loaner while it’s being repaired. Without the monitor, I can’t use my desktop. It’s out of warranty. Probably 5 years old. VX910 LCD. Ideas?

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Geek Squad is the biggest rip off and scam there is. Go anywhere else but them.
Or send it to ViewSonic and get a used PC monitor at Goodwill for $5 till you get yours back.

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Yes. Does it use a power pack or does it take a mains lead straight into the unit. If it is a power pack, you need to try another one. A power pack that stops delivering sufficient current can cause the problems you describe. It is likely to be a power supply problem regardless of whether it external or internal.

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I just saw this deal today. You get a new monitor for just a little bit more. And the shipping is only two dollars.

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I am very interested in that. Thanks.

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