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I want to buy a laptop,which is the best brand you suggest ?

Asked by Althaf (20points) June 11th, 2009 from iPhone
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It depends what you are going it for, in my opinion.

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I’m sorry to tell you that I wouldn’t buy another Lenovo T60.

My son has been very happy with his Dell, and my old Dell was a workhorse that never let me down. In fact, it saved my neck any number of times when my desktop computer failed. I gave it up only because it was so heavy to lug around, but the newer ones are much lighter.

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Apple, I would never go back to PC.

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Got any more info about what you really want? I wouldn’t suggest Apple or HP, Dell, etc. unless you tell us what you are looking for in a computer.

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sure they are a little bit more than a Dell notebook.

but with a Mac you dont have to worry about viruses, virus software, anything sucking(windows)

all you have to think about is all the win you will experience with a Mac

spend the money for a Mac and you will be way happier.

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Get a Linux powered netbook.

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Will you Mac people give it a break? ;-)

DVERHEY = Best advice

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Whatever you do, don’t get an Acer!!

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I’ve had very good luck with HP and surprisingly Gateway, I know Macs are nice but you probably don’t need one. You can get a fully loaded PC for $600 and it won’t give you any trouble, you just have to know where to look.

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Apple. I mainly like macs because of Final Cut. Plus, it gives you the freedom to run both windows and mac programs.

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Avid is so much better then Final cut.

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an apple they are expensive but extremley worth it in the end although if you dont have alot of money i would go with a dell inspiron 1525

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macbook pro. final answer. yes I’m sure.



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