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Do you think the Need for Speed series is now dead?

Asked by ragingloli (51415points) June 11th, 2009

I mean, seriously, the latest edition, “undercover” was a real slap in the face.

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I second that. No.

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I hope so…

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I liked the Burnout series better.
Need for Speed always seemed slow ironically.

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NO , Grand Turismo is dead Burnout is getting to be the best .

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic i agree. Burnout is amazing.

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It’s been dead for years. Hot Pursuit 2 was the last good NFS game.

And in what context is Gran Turismo dead?

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Eh you find that out when you load the game , Graphically its shit hot game play not so hot . What ever happened to the Gran Turismo of old ?

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It depends on what you’re looking for. GT4 was an amazing game, both in game play and graphics. That is, if you want a racing simulation. If you want some arcade racer where you just burn around the track at 500 mph and run into shit, then GT is not for you.

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It has always been shit

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GT used to be about the license’s and graphics , now its about the short selection of cars and graphics . I find the game boring now Why did they keep the car list short and as far as i can see, un-upgradable cars.

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Which version are you talking about? GT’s car lists have never been short. GT4 had over 700 cars. And they are upgradeable, but only in a realistic sense. You can’t put neon lights and hydrolics in your cars, no, but you can tune it and continually add new parts. Not only that, but you can fine tune every last setting for each and every part on the car. To me, that’s far more important than being able to buy a hood with flames on it.

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Ok have you played GT5 its got very little cars and from what i seen you can make them have more horsepower or anything. And in GT i had the pikes peak escudo i made it fly at 1000MHP is that realistic, no but neon lights is and hydrolics. If for some reason i have missed the loads of cars and upgrades in GT5 please point them out to me i miss the license part of the game ,

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GT5 is not out yet…. You have been playing “prologue” or whatever it was called. That’s just a little demo to appease people before the real game comes out. And if you completely max out the Escudo, you can in fact go incredible speeds. Not 1000 mph though, that is probably either false or some sort of error.

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Ok i went OTT on the speed it was just under 500 MPH , its called GT5 prologue just like all the others had code names . I really doubt they would take out a demo and charge 30£ for it then expect people to but the real thing, and it took soo long for the ” demo ” to be released . ITs the real game they just fuxed up ( i am a huge GT fan )

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Dude, I’m sorry but don’t be an idiot. Prologue is not the full game. It came out over a year ago. Polyphony unveiled a trailer for the full GT5 at E3 just a couple of weeks ago. It’s release date is still set as “TBA 2009.”

Here: Prologue, Full Game

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I just wiki’d the brand and read up about it , idiot is such a strong word to use . rather miss guided

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if they were to add jason statham to the mix it would be perfect.
well, maybe add some shirtless love scenes between the 2 of them, that might work even better than perfect.;)

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Its history, unless they think off some virtual racing.

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