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How do i export my bookmarks from firefox to safari?

Asked by Dr_C (14334points) June 11th, 2009

the latest software update on my mac came with the new safari 4… i wanted to try it out but would like to see how it handles daily use and my regular online routine. Hence i would like to have my bookmarks and preferences transferred or copied from Firefox to safari in order to get a valid comparison without having to do it manually or one by one.

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to export your bookmarks from firefox first open up firefox. click on bookmarks and click on oeganize bookmarks. then a new screen will pop up and click on the star with the 2 arrows going in a circle and click export html. then save it where you please. Then open up safari and click on File then Import Bookmarks and choose the file that you saved from firefox. hope this helps.

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@Thizdude you sir are a scholar and a gentleman.. many thanx.

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@Dr_C your very welcome

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