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Are there any questions you will not ask?

Asked by CMaz (26293points) June 11th, 2009

Some subject matter just sets people off. It is just not worth bringing up. Are there questions you want to ask but feel people will trip out, loose their composure, instead of giving an honest coherent answer? What would be that question?
Just questions, no answers. Hmmm a question THAT IS the answer.

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To be or not to be?

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anything involving hangers and abortions.

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AT LEAST once a day i would like to ask in a resounding voice:

Also i would love to ask for a pizza stipend for the ER workers… but that’ll get me nowhere :)

and i can’t ask about @eponymoushipster ‘s hanger-free abortions

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@eponymoushipster you stole my answer. Shucks!

I want to know why my bosses divorced- the true reason. But it’s just not something I can ask, unfortunately.

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i’d like to also ask all the girls on fluther to show us the goods.

@Likeradar pfft :p

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I would want to know why, if a couple is opting for burial, cant they be buried in one large casket. (@eponymoushipster- I know what you are thinking regarding boners)
Even if they do not die at the same time what is so wrong about popping it open and tossing another one in later if both parties consented? ;)

Two caskets are like the 1950’s master bedrooms with the twin beds- not a fitting tribute to two lovers.

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there really aren’t, i don’t think, questions that i wouldn’t ask…just that i’ve already asked them in my life and of others and realize that they would bring forth impulsive responses – so even though i do want to discuss race, for example, i refuse to discuss it if the responses will be ‘there is no racism’ because that’s not at the same level

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@Dog you’re saying you want to inquire about my boner? what?!~

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“Why did you think getting pregnant would convince him to be with you? When that didn’t work, why did you think keeping the baby rather than going through with the adoption would convince him to be with you? When that didn’t work, why are you now going to the ends of the earth to do stupid shit just so he’ll be forced to call you?” It’s over. Your plan didn’t work. Move on.

That and why are people still racist, homophobic bigots. But I wouldn’t want to get shot, so I just don’t go there.

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“Are there any more cookies?”

I get through life much better just assuming there’s always cookies.

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@essieness typed: “That and why are people still racist, homophobic bigots. But I wouldn’t want to get shot, so I just don’t go there.” Lurve

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I wont ask , ” whats what ” because someone will just tell me a cruel Texas Aggie joke?

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Wow! I asked a question pertaining abortion just today. Cheers to me.

Let see…I would never ask a question about specific somebodies in the fluther.

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Pretty much anything on Y! Answers I’m glad is not asked here.

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@robmandu how you make babby?

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@robmandu Lurve for that Tumblr suggestion. I am now following.

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@eponymoushipster, like this? (credit to @johnpowell)

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I would never ask why white people like Jeep Wranglers so much. Never in my 22 years have I ever known a black person to own or even temporarily drive one (with the exception of the token black kid in She’s All That). I’ve always been curious but I know people get touchy when you ask questions like that.

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I would never ask why it’s not unusual to see really in-shape black guys who are into really fat white women.

That’d be rude and insensitive. And pointless.

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@robmandu all about the smuckers dude.

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@nayeight I think it’d be similar to asking why black people like so and so, example, watermelon? Kind of racist, don’t you think?

There are certain questions I’d ask certain people, usually just “Why”

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Maybe @robmandu and @nayeight can answer each other’s questions. hmmm

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@cprevite I think that was the point. He forgot the ~

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@robmandu I’ve always wondered that too! Unfortunately, I’m not a black man so I can’t really help you with the answer. frowns

@casheroo I personally never thought the question was racist but I know others would see it that way and that’s why I would never ask. There’s nothing wrong with liking Jeep Wranglers or watermelon. They are both stereotypes but not negative ones.

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@nayeight I think @casheroo and @robmandu were just trying to express to you that your first comment came off a little racist. Just be careful what you say sometimes :)

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@essieness: Oops. A little slow today.

(I hate when I lose my ~)

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i like watermelons, jeep wranglers and white woman with large booties. I’m the obama of fluther!

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Again, I don’t see how it comes across as racist. Did I use any words to offend anyone? I think people get wayyy too touchy on subjects like this. We all need to just relax and answer the silly questions people ask.

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I have to agree with @nayeight here. The question does invite these type on answers.

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@nayeight I didn’t mean to imply you were racist, but the question is…it’s generalizing about a race (okay, it’s not racist, it’s prejudice I guess.) I was just stating your question would be similar to asking why blacks like watermelons (which is a common stereotype).

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Are you carrying?
Round these parts the policy is strictly “Don’t ask. Don’t tell.”

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@Dr_C omfg! My uncle’s, friend’s, cat groomer’s, hair dresser’s, mom’s, 1st husband was like 6 1/2 feet tall…. Is that the type of stuff that bugs you?

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I’ll pretty much ask anything. On the internet I definitely well. I get embarrassed when I ask questions about my body or my health or something, but I’ll do it somehow. As for real life, I’m not really sure. I can’t think of any examples at the moment. If it’s something that will obviously offend someone, then I will hold off, but I am the type of person who likes to get answers.

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I don’t ask alot of questions on Fluther but when I do get around to it, I try to refrain from asking questions about religion, politics, and race because those topics seem to provoke contentious answers and comments on a lot of occasions.

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Pretty much everything is something I won’t ask. That’s one reason why I don’t ask many questions, or the ones I do ask tend to be more goal-oriented rather than opinion-based.

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With my little experience in the Fluther arena I have come to realize you may enjoy your question briefly, but often, it is an avenue to mock and satire you to improve a persons lurve. At the same time, there are also a lot of very poignant heartfelt answers which entices one to continue to question. I always have questions I want to ask, but I don’t dare to now because I know the likely response, unless I am in an indifferent mood and want to get shit on. If I have a question that is religious, political or emphatically alternative which is my preferred questions, I am much more hesitant,
unless I am in the mood to be harassed.
My conclusion is questions about desperation or relationship always garner great attention.
And I certainly would never question anything about the current presidential administration, or you will definitely have a feeding frenzy.

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I’m tempted to ask “Is there a difference between a call girl and a hooker?”

I already know the answer. So no, I won’t ask.

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@drClaw that is EXACTLY the kind of thing that gets under my skin

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Well, here’s a question I want to know the answer to: there are so many parents on this site; what do parents think of their kids masturbating?

Now, obviously many kids will never get caught doing it and their parents will not have any idea. But are parents against it? Do they think it’s wrong or disgusting or something? Or would they just keep quiet about it if they were aware their kid did it?

I just had to get it out.

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@DominicX I don’t even want to think about my child having any urges like that ever lol. I know it’s natural, it’s not wrong but thank god he’s just a baby so I don’t have to deal with that for a while!

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@DominicX I think it’s healthy and normal, and I assume they do. As long as they’re in the privacy of their own room I would never have a problem with it.

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@casheroo My son who just turned 15 had a sleepover for his birthday. When Jon looked at the computer in the morning, guess what was in the history. Porn.

He’s 15. What do you do? I told my husband “that’s yours to deal with”. I didn’t see porn until I was 19.

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Hah. That’s why I make sure the history is off on my computer…lol. I think I first saw porn at 15 too, but my parents have no idea and they never will if I’ve done everything properly…

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@jonsblond tell him the first stuff is just as good as the pay stuff.

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@jonsblond Oh dear lord, I’m totally not a prude but the thought of it makes me panicky lol. I’ll do the same as you, and tell my husband that it’s his turn.

Honestly though, I don’t ever want to embarrass my child, I think what people do to themselves is private, that doesn’t mean we won’t have the sex talk.

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@casheroo let DH have the sex talk with him. no teenage boy wants to have that talk with mom.

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@eponymoushipster :( you mean I won’t always be his favorite person to talk to and cuddle with. stop it!

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Masturbation and porn are here to stay, unfortunately, at an xtreme and vile volume. It really does dilute. From all the porn on cell phones, internet and TV; kids must be producing seed at a lot younger age today then ever before.

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“who do you love more?”

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When I say my first “porn” I was in 3rd grade. A topless woman on a playing card. Sad thing is, today, the first exposure children have with porn is two big bucks hung like horses tag teaming a woman that looks like a 12 year old. Or women in a barn getting it on with a horse. That has got to mess a child’s sense of sexuality up. Shit, I am an adult, been around the block a few times and that stuff still is a bit disturbing to me.

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Okay, this is one I’ve always wanted to ask but have never been close enough to someone to get a personal view on it…
for transgender people, after they make the switch, example male to female, and they preferred women before the switch (relationship wise) and then they’re female and like they are then gay, right? Or were they always gay since they always identified as a woman? Gosh, this is coming out wrong. But, I’m just curious.

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My question would be, what proof do we have homosexuality is normal?

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My question would be why do some people seek and focus on perceived faults in those around them and do not see fault in themselves.

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In line with @casheroo‘s question, I have always been curious to know about functionality and feeling after a reassignment surgery. Does the new penis actually ‘work’? Are the sex organs of either capable of feeling sexual pleasure?

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Haven’t you ever noticed what a bitch you are?
I’m longing to ask a couple of girls at my school that. Luckily there are few problems at my school but there a couple of bullies in my grade who I would love to take down a notch or two. But at the moment, it’s not really worth it. I’m sure they’ll look at themselves one day and wonder why they haven’t got any friends left.

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When you’re driving and you want to make a turn, so you have to stop suddenly and then accelerate very quickly, don’t you sometimes wish that someone had invented a gadget you could install on the outside of your car to signal your intentions? Like, a little flashing light that the people in front of and behind you could see, so they could know that they should try to avoid smashing into you?

I fantasize about asking that question a lot

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Why can’t we know why things happen?

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“When are you due?” without knowing for certain that she is pregnant.

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“How did you know I would like that? did your sister tell you?”
yes… I dated sisters. Not at the same time… but it was still not my proudest moment

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There are some questions I would like to ask, but they would just generate some derisive comments, so I don’t ask.

I would also like to comment on some of the more outrageous answers, but I have learned it’s better to just ignore and move on.

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