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What is, in your opinion, the worst thing your government does?

Asked by benjaminlevi (2992points) June 11th, 2009

She said “taxes”, but I want to know what you think.

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Subjugating the autonomy of other sovereign nations.

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Preventing gays from marrying and kicking them out of the military.

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the recent decision not to take guantanamo inmates.

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taxation without representation

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catering instead of educating.

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The worst thing my government does is kill people.

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It governs.

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It exists where it has no purpose existing.

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It tries harder and harder every day to regulate yet another aspect of MY life.

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it lies to it’s people

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It systematically represses and violates mine and other’s rights.

It murders (probably just as many innocent people as guilty ones).

It sponsors terrorism (it’s true!).

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Provide horrible health care. Right now that is my answer, perhaps because it pertains to my immediate situation. Ask me when I get the situation handled, who knows when that’ll be, and I may have a different answer.

Although I think I may have to go with this one:
It systematically represses and violates mine and other’s rights.
GA @boots

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There are so many to choose from, as indicated in the excellent answers above. To avoid repetition, I’ll just add that the Feds ought to get their noses out of state approved medical marijuana laws. There is some hope this may yet occur, and relatively soon.

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Three words:
New. World. Order.

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Using God to back up reasons to go to war.

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Using the tax code to regulate behavior

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@rawpixels Using the tax code to regulate behavior

Yes, I believe that Al Capone wasn’t too happy about that either.

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Forcing drug addicts to become prostitutes or steal to be able to pay for their drugs.

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@mattbrowne, and who forced them to be drug addicts and prostitutes?

What are prostitutes doing with what they save by working off the books?

Now to the question: My governement oppresses those that choose to abide by the law while outlaws are exempt from such tyranny.

My government taxes me to the point of oppression and forces me to pay for programs that run counter to my ethics. I wasn’t interested in funding ACORN before it was recently proven what they’re willing to do with my money.

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@proXXi – No one forced people to become drug addicts. But when they are addicted they don’t have a choice anymore. They need to buy the drug to feel normal. Otherwise they feel so terrible they can’t function at all. If they don’t have any money they resort to extreme measures like stealing and prostitution. The remedy: doctors prescribe the drugs, e.g. heroin. Less crime. Fewer HIV infection. And a whole black market breaking down.

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@mattbrowne doctors prescribe the drugs, e.g. heroin. Less crime. Fewer HIV infection. And a whole black market breaking down.

Methadone programs have been tried repeatedly without success,.

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Incarceration should be tried, then one can decide for oneself what’s considered to be a success.

If they’re off the street separated from their drugs and johns I consider that to be a success.

Last time I checked heroin use and possession (and prostitution was largely) illegal.

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The controversial “Vorratsdatenspeicherung” (making mandatory for telecom providers to store connection data (who when how long) of all calls made for 6 months)
The controversial law that allows law enforcement to infiltrate people’s computers.( though it has as of today been so far restricted that each case requires authorisation by a judge.)
The failure to introduce nationwide minimum wages.
Being to soft on Israel in face of their crimes.
Requiring the new version of ID cards to have an RFID chip. (these chips are highly insecure)

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@DarkScribe – Exactly. When they don’t work doctors should administer heroin for a small charge.

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Well, I’m a moderate liberal (SPD voter in Germany, ha, the few that are left) and I’m all for privacy protection, but “Vorratsdatenspeicherung” (telecommunications data retention) makes sense when fighting crime and terrorism. Okay, this could lead to a very lively discussion (might require a new question).

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Being too soft on Israel in face of their (grammar) crimes. Not being kind enough to the lovely Hammas government, and supplying the weapons that don’t make it from Iran.

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Lying and corruption all in the name of $$.

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