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Ever feel like you been away for a while you are not welcome anymore? And how do you deal with it?

Asked by nebule (16446points) June 11th, 2009

No matter anyway..this question will get pulled

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Not sure what the Q is asking but Welcome back.

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Do you mean not welcome on fluther?

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I’ve missed you Lynne. Good to see you! :)

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Is anyone ever truly welcome anywhere? As long as we stick to the surface pleasantries then I’m sure we’ll motor along together just fine and dandy. But life has a way of motivating people down different pathways. The further we splinter off from one another, the more difficult it is to feel welcome after a long absence.

The child who leaves for college, only to return home and find that her room is now an office. Friends that go their separate ways and meet again will often say “We picked up right where we left off”… but they neglect to mention that it never really goes beyond that. Why did we fade away in the first place…?

It’s because, at some point we discover that the friend, the place, the situation, the whatever… has filled us with all it has to give. We may also find that we are incapable of contributing any more in return. We’ve simply spent each other up, and to keep moving life along, our motivation tanks must be filled elsewhere.

If we cling to one another, and refuse to let go… then life will stagnate, and we will soon begin to accuse the other of holding us back.

Yes, please… tell me of your adventures while you were away. I have a few rumors and tricks to pass along to you as well. After we have finished, we’ll find ourselves right back where we were before we parted ways.

Dealing with this is nothing to be sad about. It is to be rejoiced! For in that away time of solitude and questioning, we come closer to finding ourselves. No longer must we base our self worth upon fleeting notions of what friendship is supposed to be. We find our self worth based on our own achievements, our own dreams, our own direction. We have known the rare love of letting go of another, allowing them to pursue the same.

The new welcome will soon lead to another goodbye.

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Times change, old users come and go, new users become old users. I view it like a river, I don’t expect to see the same old fish time and time again, though some do come back.

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You are always welcome here!

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I split for seven months. I returned. Caught up with old friends. Made some new friends. All is good. I’ll probably stick around for awhile. It’s a pretty cozy place to hang out.

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Like @whatthefluther I was gone for 6 months last year. I was welcomed back by Harp and a few others and since have met several awesome flutherites. I miss those who have not returned but like I said- I have met more new folk.

Yup- all is good!

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Holy cannolis – I just asked about you in another thread. I’ve been wondering where you were.

I searched but was spelling your username wrong

Welcome Back!!!!!!

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I think that unless you left under particularly rude circumstances you’ll always be welcomed back. That said, I searched for you because I noticed that you haven’t been around awhile (as apparently so did @cprevite) so welcome back!

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Ahhh thank you guys… :-) It’s just that I’ve made some comments on some threads recently and feel like I’ve been a bit…brushed under the carpet (maybe I’ve just lost my touch… no love coming this way…) and ignored (maybe it’s my non-descript avatar…)

Anyhow… I shan’t deliberate any longer… I’ll just get on and answer some questions in a more lurvable fashion…. and stop moping !!!

and thanks once again xxx

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@lynneblundell: Don’t sweat it sister; we got yer back. ;^)

Nice to have you back.

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I would bet many of us have felt the same as you have. We all lose our Mojo now and then. Taking a break is good for the soul. and the mind

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not really sure I ever had mojo

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@cprevite You have lots of mojo.

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@cprevite Mojo is the secret ingredient in that cookie of yours.

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what is mojo???

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I used to have Mojo. Well I had a dog named Mojo.

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This short clip will explain mojo.

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@jonsblond: Ahhh – I think I might have some of that after all.

::searches self::

Oh yeah! There it is.

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Always late—that’s me. Of course I have been gone too. I am glad you are back lynneblundell, and I welcome your input!

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