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Do you ever think back to some of the clothing trends you took part of and think, "Oh my God, how embarassing!"?

Asked by essieness (7693points) June 11th, 2009

For instance, why would I ever think it looked good to tight roll my jeans?

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What, you don’t like my fuschia stretch pants with the black polka dots and the bright fuschia sequined shirt and the 4 inch wide black patent leather belt with the patent leather pumps?

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mostly i think, “what a waste of money.”
but shit man, that was the style!

p.s. i’m not sure why you thought it looked good to tight roll your jeans…???

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I’m also adding the crazy striped Girbaud jeans of the early 90s. I would post a picture, but apparently they’ve been banned from the internet too.

Oh, and I didn’t wear them obviously but guys, seriously… JNCOS??

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I couldn’t even find a picture of “alligator jeans.” They were patchwork jeans made with two inch denim squares. Mid ‘70’s

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Leg warmers.

Thanks Olivia Newton John

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@jonsblond i STILL wear leg warmers.
they neva go outta style..

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@essieness: You beat me to the crazy fashion trend question! And I have no freakin clue.. I get a lot of laughs out of the “trends” featured at tho. So thanks crazy fashion trends, you brighten my day!!

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It’s all part of the process of learning. All the people wearing pajama jackets today will learn this soon enough.

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Rolling up my jeans as tight as I could get them to show off my 3 pairs of scrunchy socks in different neon colors.

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Oo!! Heat sensitive clothes! They are coming back though!

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I don’t cringe; the stuff looked great at the time.

But all I ever saved was one pair of lace-up two-tone suede pimp shoes from 1971. They have such big built-up soles and heels that you can’t drive a car in them, because you can’t feel which pedal your foot is on. If any.

Oooh dangerous fashion statement, the ultimate turn-on.

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@susanc I wish I could give you double lurve!

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@creativejuices : Oh man, you mean like Hypercolor? That was the shit…

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@judi because of my pimp shoes?!? Lurve you right back.

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@susanc ; Because of the passion for preserving history for generations to come! Especially quirky history. I still have my fuschia and black polka dot stretch pants and fuschia sequined shirt for the same reason.

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Not really. I’ve been wearing the same type of clothing for a long time. Now, I used to wear puka shell necklaces more and I used to gel my hair upward in the front, but that’s not that big of a difference. Basically, I’ve been wearing the same types of clothing since I was old enough to care about what I was wearing. It’s possible I may look back on my slight sagging that I’m known for and think it was embarrassing, but I don’t think so now. I looked fine and I still think I do. The only thing that was embarrassing, as I’ve said before, was the momentary bouts of my butt showing itself… :\

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@creativejuices i effin love you by the way! LATFH was by far the best new site i’ve seen in a long time. me and my hubby laughed through the entire site. LURVE

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=) ya! glad to spread the cheer!!

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@creativejuices LATFH deserves the lurves! (haha I just made that rhyme up myself) I was scrolling through those pictures thinking, “What would it be like to be laughing at these dorks, and then see yourself in the next photo?” Can’t wait to show my husband…

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I remember while being married I told my husband I wanted to buy some “normal” women’s clothes which turned out to be a pair of jeans with zippered ankles topped by bows and a pair of tennis shoes with pink trim. I don’t think I fooled anyone

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Pleather. Crimping hair. My punk rock phase.

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Not really. I was unfashionable then and still am, and could not care less.

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All black, all the time.
Triple layer of neon belts, with neon jelly bracelets, and an over-sized sweatshirt that hung down on one shoulder. Yikes!

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Leg warmers, double layer socks, anything neon. Guess overall jeans…with one side hanging down. bad. very bad. Huge shoulder pads…I swear, they seemed like they were bigger than my butt. AGH!

I would pretty much have to name all the fashion trends of the 80’s.

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Bell bottom jeans, rainbow suspenders, Vans shoes, assless chaps, boat shoes, Polo and Izod shirts, OP shorts, Corduroy pants. Yeah, it’s all forgettable.

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@cak No! Not the shoulder pads!!!

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@jonsblond – I’m too short for shoulder pads. I cannot pull them off. I should have just stuffed by bra with them!

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I’ve dressed more or less like a prep since 1982. I still have my Chemise Lacoste polos, Topsiders and Bass camp mocs that I bought at 16. Believe me, they don’t make ‘em like they used to.

And as I’m a woman, I’m not popping 4 sets of collars. Nor did I or do I wear Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein anything. I will admit to the Guess jeans with the zipped ankle, though. They made me look skinny. Probably because at 16, I was skinny.

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@cak I know what you mean. I’m 5’3” (actually 5’2 and 3/4”) and I look like a defensive end wearing shoulder pads.

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Two words: Parachute Pants

Also: Acid Wash Jeans, Bandana Belts, Bright White Leather Sneakers, Denim Jackets (with Led Zeppelin airbrushed on the back), Willy Wear Pleated Black Pants, Bolo String Ties.

I used to work at Tello’s here in Boston, so I had easy access to all the bad fashion at age sixteen. My mall job after that: Airbrush Artist oy vey

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CFM pumps with lacy socks; leggings with a long shirt and moccasins, mall bangs, and most recently a Vote for Pedro t-shirt.

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Oooh, I hated those f%#$@*&! T-shirts.

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I have a picture of myself somewhere from the 80’s, looking so awesome in my jam shorts and Miami Mice t-shirt. I was in grade school though so it doesn’t count.

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In Junior High (in the 70s) the big thing was bell-bottom corduroy pants with clogs. The girls would all stand around during lunch tapping the toes of their clogs so the cords would completely cover them. And we all looked like Clydesdale horses. Neigh.

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My name is Bri_L and I tightrolled my jeans, feathered my hair and wore canvas Nikes.

hi Bri_L

we’re all friends here Bri_L

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@Bri_L: Here in Boston, we referred to tightrolling jeans as “pegging”. I too pegged.

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@Bri_L Ahhhh, the 80s. They were grand.

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yeah, Here’s a nice nightmare of a Reminder
check out the outfits the dancers are wearing
not to mention the hair

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@Bri_L That. Is. GLORIOUS.

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Lurve to all who admitted to wearing pegged jeans. It takes a real man to own up to that particular fashion.

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don’t worry; half of the things you look back and cringe about now will probably come back for another run soon enough, and all of the younger folks will be making the same mistake you did. only this time, you get to sell your old ‘embarrassing’ clothes, and laugh.

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Well, I have to admit my platform shoes, although they made me taller, really looked bad with my bellbottoms. And dancing in them..well. enough said..

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Not much. I stick to a classic look in general. I have some predictions: Those stupid short sweaters over a much longer top is awful and will look really dumb in retrospect, ESPECIALLY if you have a fat tummy. I am waiting for dresses to have the waist line go back down to the waist. Any heal over 4 inches is ridiculous and unsafe—unsafe for your back and pelvis, and unsafe if you need to run or walk quickly away from someone.

And worth mentioning is hair styles…honestly I miss the 80’s on this one. My hair did better with some body and hair spray.

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The 80s is back, fashionwise. I collect and sell vintage clothing and up until the last 2–3 years, there wasn’t much of a market for 80s. But I think designers have taken more recent trends – the babydoll looks and midriff pants – about as far as they can go. The fashionistas have become weary and are looking for the next big thing. Also, today’s teens and twentysomethings didn’t live through the 80s, so it looks high style and avante garde to them as opposed to hilarious and embarassing. The local teens who shopped my stock for prom loved the 80s dresses the most.

And this year, designers like Balenciaga, McQueen, Balmain, Chanel, etc are showing the “accentuated shoulder” on the runway. Look for new versions of shoulder pads, coming within a year or two, to a store near you. Leggings? They’re back too.

They’re not showing much big hair yet though. And I’m happy to say the mullet still seems to be dead.


Yes! I remember in the mid 1980s I wore those awful looking acid washed jeans——grey acid washed jeans and jean jacket, and I permed my hair to look like the George Michael of WHAM. Fashion was so plastic then! But it’s still not as bad as 70s fashion, with the polyester suits, ugly plaid clothes, long unkempt hair, platform shoes, and long sideburns. Yeech!!!

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I had a blond rat-tail ~1984. I was forced to cut it off.

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