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Is broken for anyone else?

Asked by jrpowell (40514points) June 11th, 2009

It is only displaying a few questions per day for me here. Both in Firefox and on Mobile Safari.

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It’s working fine for me right now. I just posted from it.

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Looks fine to me… goes back to the 7th.

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Working for me in Ventura via iPhone

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Um, it does go back to the 7th. That is the problem. A ton of questions are missing. There was a lot more than three questions asked today.

edit :: this is a pic from a few minutes ago. link

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I noticed that too. It goes back and forth for me, and started this evening. Right now it looks normal, and the questions that seemed to have vanished are still showing in my activity.

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That keeps happening to me, even on the standard homepage. I keep seeing questions from hours ago, and then have to refresh in order to see the new ones.

Server troubles again, perhaps?

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I’ve seen that happen as well, but I’m still getting new questions just not on the front page.

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Log in. That will fix the “problem”.

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It’s an intentional feature? To convince people to join?

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I would like to know the same as eambos. If it is it sucks.

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Yup. It’s intentional. It may change.

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So folks that find the site will only see certain questions on the mobile site? Are you sure this is the best approach?

It looks like three questions were posted today.

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Regular fluther is broken for me. It looks like this sometimes, even though a ton of new questions should be on top of those.

When I refresh, sometimes it’s normal, and other times it’s like that, with jonsblond’s question as the first one on the page.

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I’m getting the same as Pete too.

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Damnit! I thought we all agreed to not piss @asmonet off for a week! Who is messing with her?

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Ah. That is unintentional. Time to give ben the

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You haven’t updated that in months =(

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