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What would be the best type of bait/lure,etc. to catch bass in a murky pond? i.e. what color, worms, o what?

Asked by mass_pike4 (2096points) June 11th, 2009

I enjoy freshwater fishing yet I do not usually catch many bass. I want to know what works best for you in the condition I’ve listed

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I’ll try to get back to you on this one. My dad, who died a couple of years ago, was a bass fisherman and he kept a little notebook that listed what he caught, under what conditions and what lures/bait he was using. He was also a chemist so he kept records like he was keeping his lab notebook. I kept the notebook, but I’m not sure where it is right. I’ll try to track it down and see if there’s any useful info in there for you. I used to go bass fishing with him but he always decided what lure I should be using that particular time. I, myself, don’t know much about it.

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If Bass are in that murky pond then they’re used to eating pollywogs, frogs, guppies and crawdads, whatever moves in the water, they’ll eat.

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I love live bait. Catch live grasshoppers that live in the grass around the pond. Bass love them. You can also use a small hook and catch a small bluegill on the grasshopper. Take a little bluegill and hook him thru the tail and throw him out there and just let hi m swim around and you will catch a bass. Also charteuse colored rubber worms and lizards are good for murky conditions.

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first off if your using worms i think the zoom trick bait or the tube also a spiner dait works well to would work best and depending on the darkness of the water you should use a darker color un like fighting instead of doing the opposit do the same i would give more info on the subject but most are secrets so if you want to ask me something e-mail me at fish fast or slow depending on the time and tempo

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you should use rubber worms i catch lots of fish on them in my back yard

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