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Do you have any tips for cleaning LCD screens?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16548points) June 11th, 2009

This relates to both my desktop and laptop computers – I have a special cleaning cloth that removes dust but doesn’t do a great job of splashes and smudges. Special LCD cleaning solutions have made friends’ laptop screens streaky in the past, so I’m hesitant to try those. What is the best way to make them excuse the cliché as good as new?

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I have a spray cleaner called Monster ScreenClean; “Safe, alcohol-free formula is ideal for cleaning LCD and Plasma TVs. Cleans without dripping, streaking or staining;leaves no film or residue. Removes dust, dirt and fingerprints for optimum display brightness.”

You spray this on a microfiber chamois cloth. Then wipe screen with cloth. (I bought both at Staples.)

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Plain water. If that doesn’t work, iKlear.

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I never clean my LCD screens because I never touch them, and I make sure no one else ever touches them. And if you view them at the correct angle, you can see they have no marks on them. (Needless to say, I don’t have kids.) However, they do collect dust, and for that I use a Swiffer cloth which sucks the dust right up.

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Thanks guys, I might try those ideas.

@simpleD I don’t like the idea of water, since its an electrical item.

@Joe_Freeman I made the mistake of eating breakfast while watching TV on my computer. Combine that with a cat who wanted to jump on my lap and get at my food, and you might understand how I splashed milk on it. Its now a little damaged from where I wiped it off with a tissue. It also has a few marks from when I moved the screen to my uncle’s house, because I didn’t put it back in its box to move it. Prevention is always better than a cure though.

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WD40 or other such lubricant works a charm on mine , no more sticky finger marks or dusty screens.

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I didn’t mean to suggest that you should douse your computer with water. Just use a dampened lint-free cloth on smears or dirt that won’t come off with a dry cloth. If a water-dampened cloth doesn’t work, a mild solvent-based cleaner like iKlear should do it.

I also use a small duster – the kind you spin around to fan out the bristles and give it a charge – to suck dust off the screen.

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