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I got a new gateway 2wire box and its locked . How do I unlock it so i can get internet on my ipod wirelessly?

Asked by Tink (8673points) June 11th, 2009

We got a new one and my mom told the guy to iock it so i wont get internet on my ipod anymore and now she wants to unblock it for me. Does she need to call the company or can i do it?

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You see, I’d try to help, but this question makes no sense. Could you try to explain exactly what you want to do?

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ok i got a new 2wire box. When i try to connect to the internet with my ipod it wont let me it said i need a password and when i type in the code to my ipod it shows the little wireless sign but it doesnt let me go into the internet and the wireless sign on the 2wire box doesnt blink. Is that enough?

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2wire box?

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yes 2wire

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Never mind I got it now. The password was the code

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