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When you see "FTW", do you think "F The World" or "For the Win"?

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I see “for the win”, but I still see “fuck the what” a lot too. :)

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For The Win. But I had to ask someone what it meant a while ago because I kept seeing it as Fuck The World and it just didn’t make sense.

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@Likeradar Seeing something held in positive regard followed immediately by “Fuck the World” threw me at first too.

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When I see it I think someone transposed WTF.

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FTW is new to me, I’ve only read it as, “For The Win” so far.

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When I first saw it and didn’t know what it meant, I thought it was f the world. But then I found out it usually meant for the win, I see it more as the latter.

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I think “Fluther Tis Wonderful”

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@jonsblond I’ll add that to my personal lexicon of text speak

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Yup. For The Win FTW.

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The first time that I saw that word I thought it was Fck The World but then you know they use it WTF so I thought it was the reverse of WTF so like Fck The What haha but then later on I found out it was for For The Win.

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The former. Does that mean I’m pessimistic?

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@xthedreamer hey! I thought it was backwards too!

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The first few times I saw it, I thought it was a typo/transposition. I think it was asmonet who filled me in on For The Win.

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for the win.

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For the win. I had to figure it out…but my pea brain finally put it together!

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“For the win! and “F%#$ the ”what?!” Which is sort of a “WTF” intensified.

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I found out on here that it meant “for the win” (surprised my kids with it, too—ha!). Nobody told me it meant anything else.

You’re right, @augustlan—it was asmonet.

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for the win. i never thought of it as the other one.

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I’ve always seen it as F uck T he W hat – until I read this thread.

Never heard of “For The Win”.

What does that mean? Can someone provide an example, please?

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@cprevite – re: FTW, here’s an example. I’m sure people used this one all over the place after the election (not to turn this political; it’s merely an example):

Obama FTW!

Anything that could be vaguely construed as someone or something being the best, or being better than something else by comparison will get tagged with FTW.

For me it would be “Pink kitteh bellies to snorgle FTW!”

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@aprilsimnel: Ah, now I see.

Well that changes my interpretation of past responses quite a bit now.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic – thanks for asking this, because maybe it’s a generational thing but until I read your question I always thought Fuck the World…it was only recently that I started people appending it to posts and comments and I meant to ask someone what it meant, because it clearly didn’t mean what it meant to my generation (I’m 38).

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@dalepetrie: Also 38. Also got it wrong. Not nearly as hip as I like to think I am.

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@cprevite – but at least we’re still trying to relate to these young whippersnappers…most people our age I find know about 1% of what I do in regards to the current popular culture. For example, I’d be willing to bet that the majority of 38 year olds think Lil Wayne is a phase of the moon.

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@dalepetrie I’m 38 and I love the song Mrs. Officer. I’m at a complete loss when it comes to text speak though. :)

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Oooh, I detest top 40 rap! Grizzly Bear FTW!

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@jonsblond – we’re not hip compared to other Flutherites our age, but I’m willing to bet if you look at your high school graduating class (20 year reunions are coming up after all), you’ll probably find very few if any kindred spirits. I just never “grew up” like everyone else I guess. It’s a lot more fun that way.

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@aprilsimnel Whenever that song comes on the radio in our van, my daughter sings along with the wee ooh, wee ooh, wee part. It makes me think of her. top 40 is crap but there are a few I don’t mind. That one is better than all the Miley Cyrus I’m stuck listening too!

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I got lucky….my kid has not yet latched on to teen pop garbage, and with any luck he never will. He seems to like folk, bluegrass and old school country….he loves Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash…and some of the more modern stuff he likes is pretty atypical of kids his age as well, They Might Be Giants, Lucinda Williams, Jenny Lewis, etc. I can’t quite seem to get him into rock and roll as much as I’d like (though he loves Highway to Hell), but at least the stuff he does listen to, though maybe not as aggressive as most of what I listen to, is real music, not manufactured claptrap. I’m really kind of excited, we have a big outdoor festival where I live every year over the 4th of July weekend…used to be free, but this year they’re going to charge $10 a head, but you get $10 in food coupons, so it’s still basically free. Elvis Costello is headlining the show on the 4th, and he’s one of my favorite performers, my wife’s as well…have seen him 4 times live and every time he was every bit as intense and amazing as any Slipknot or Pantera concert I ever attended. Anyway, EC’s new album is supposed to be kind of a folk/bluegrass album of sorts….I think it will be a good introduction to rock and roll via Elvis Costello for my son, and I’m seriously considering bringing him to his first concert…something I’ve been looking forward to his whole life.

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I’m going to go ahead and say that most pop music of the Little Wayne sort makes my ears bleed.

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I’m not a fan either, but at least I know who he is.

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@jonsblond – Really? I’m glad they’ve hit the mainstream. A lot of the bands I like never make it out of the Pitchfork/Stereogum/BrooklynVegan vortex.

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@aprilsimnel I’m sorry. I meant the Lil Wayne song (the only song of his that I like). There is a part that my daughter sings to and I think it’s adorable. I do like Grizzley Bear though. Thank god for the Internet! When I’m driving in my minivan that just has a radio, I’m usually stuck with top 40 crap since I live in the cornfields of Illinois. :)

Sorry for the threadjack Compassionate!

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