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Can a 2002 gti vr6 have a r32 engine in it?

Asked by pumps (1points) June 11th, 2009

I found a Volkswagen for sale and supposedly my friend said that instead of a vr6 that was posted on the car he said that the engine is a R32 engine. I
was just wondering if that could be possible to have in these model cars?

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Since the R32 is just a slightly-modified GTI, it sure seems possible to me. I own a 2002 GTI 1.8T and even with that little engine, the car’s performance is great, as is the gas mileage. In fact, I love the car in general, and it has close to 100,000 miles now with no major problems. Why not Google around for photos of the R32 engine and the VR6 engine and look under the hood to see which is in there?

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Totally possible! I know people who have done it. You can do a lot with Volkswagens, like swap the front ends of a gti and a jetta.

Engine Swaps ftw.

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Absolutely. It’s the exact same chassis with the exact same engine bay. The MkIV and MkV R32 engines are just larger displacement VR6’s.

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Yes, it is possible, but if it has the R32, why wouldn’t they post it as such? It’s worth more that way. Is it your friend’s car? Has he SEEN the car and the engine? Swapping the R32 into the VR6 does not make the car an R32, though… the R32s have all wheel drive, which an engine swap alone would not accomplish.

I agree with @Joe_Freeman that you should research the VR6 and the R32 engines for the MkIV models and check it out for yourself. I’d also want to know what shop did the engine swap, and if they had any guarantee remaining on the work. Find out why they’re selling the car, too (if it’s a private seller); if it’s a dealer, ask for a CarFax. This sounds a bit fishy to me.

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