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What to do with this old Coax. TV?

Asked by GIFTownP (59points) June 11th, 2009

I found this old TV out in our poolhouse that I want to use in my room. Problem is, the only input that I can see is a Coaxial. Are there adapters to composite or something?

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what do you want to connect it to?

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If you are going on about Digital switch over all you have to do is connect the Digital box to it most come with an RF or scart port . If its a games console you gan buy an adaptor to convert it to scart unless you have the Yellow, Red, White ports Audio and Video < just plug into there.

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You can hook it to a VCR, or DVD player and watch movies. There is a probably a box full of them near where you found the TV.
Most players have an RF output. Set the TV to match the VCR’s output channel usually either 2 or 3 if you are in the US.

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