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Why aren't all penises the same size?

Asked by SarahSmile (3points) June 11th, 2009 from iPhone
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I was going to write you a long answer, but then I realized I wasn’t up for the job. So sad.

So, the short answer is: natural variation.

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The same reason that there are no 2 people exactly alike. Its just genetics!

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Are you telling me that not everyone is hung like a gerbil?!?!

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why isn’t all hair blonde?

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Because some girls have smaller mouths.

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All hair isn’t blonde? wtf?

Seriously. Have you read Goldilocks?

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Speaking of penis size, what’s the deal with today’s porn actors? Some of these dudes are HUGE! Are these guys the result of radiation experiments or have I just lived a sheltered life…?

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Because, that would be boring.

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Why aren’t all noses the same size? Why doesn’t everyone wear a B-width shoe?

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Oh, and because Chevy needs a customer base for the Corvette.

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Maybe some of us littler guys rubbed a bit too much off when we were teenagers? Er, I mean some of YOU littler guys….ahem, cough, sigh.

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wide vaginas.

that is all.

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@eponymoushipster not to wander off on a tangent, but is there a phobia for wide vaginas?
because if there is, i think i have it

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@jackfright if you can hide sandwiches and a 2ltr of coke in it, you probably should put your weiner anywhere near it.

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<——loves a gaping vagina

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Why am I slightly offended?

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Because penises were invented long before Snapple.

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Not many organs on the human body is the same size really. Not even brains. We wouldn’t exist today if there wouldn’t be any variations in the animal body.

What size do you want it to be?

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Why would you think they would be the same size? All of the rest of human parts and humans themselves are of varying size, thus why do you think the penis should somehow be exempt from having the natural variance that all other organs do?

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Oh, but they are! 7 inches. Just ask any guy about his. He’ll tell you.
Don’t ask if you are younger than 17. We don’t want anyone to be arrested.

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sex would really suck if all men had the same penis size :(

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@oratio As much as people say size doesn’t matter, it does. Of course the way you have sex has a large part in how good sex feels, but personally, I would hate to have sex with someone with a giant penis, or someone with a tiny penis. One is painful and the other is like a pencil. Plus, everyone having the same size would be boring, and no surprise when you have the big reveal haha.

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Re wide vaginas….

It’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway…
It’s like parking a trike in a 3 car garage…
It’s like Prince wearing Mike Tyson’s robe…
It’s like using 55 gallon oil drum for a pen holder…
It’s like using a whole loaf of french bread as a hot dog bun…
It’s like trying to nail two boards together with a thumbtack…

I could go on, but I’ve already gone too far…

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Share with us your range of findings, and methodology of measurement..

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Why do 3 girls named Sarah smile differently?

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@mattbrowne depends on the size of the penis.

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Knew a guy who was 10 inches!

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