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Are Flutherites as intelligent as Askvillites?

Asked by Joe_Freeman (504points) June 12th, 2009
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Not as intelligent, more intelligent!

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Ask Askvillites what a Fluther is.

I bet they don’t know. :)

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After finding questions like this one or this one, not to mention this, this and this little gem… and OF COURSE this all-important and relevant question i can only answer with a giant YES and wonder if this is a serious question.

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I’m not at all intelligent in the slightest. I’m so out of my comfort zone on fluther it’s ridiculous. However, I learn new big words every day so thanks for that!

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@Dr_C The first two of your example askville questions were from a user who is also a Flutherer, so maybe not.

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@Dr_C It is in fact a serious question. Years ago when I started using Askville I was fairly impressed by some of the questions and answers, but they were nothing like your examples cited above. I think AV has taken a dive into the silly and cavalier, not unknown to Fluther, of course, but I’m a newbie here. Frankly, I wish there were a truly serious, no-nonsense Q&A site where people could ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Does such a thing exist?

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@Joe_Freeman, I think that what you are asking is impossible. Truly serious and no-nonsense? There cannot be such a thing on the internet. However Fluther is a Q&A site where people can ask and answer thought-provoking questions, and the nonsense that happens as well is mostly good natured and possibly the best kind of nonsense you will find on the internet, imo.

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@Joe_Freeman you are right and i apologize. It’s been a very long work night with way too many patients and i’m being snappish. I’m sure there are many great questions on akville just like fluther has it’s share of… shall we say “just plain dumb”.

With that i have just emptied out the ER and good you bid evening. Sleepy time.

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Askville ain’t got shit on Fluther.

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Seeing as how many of us are both, this is a meaningless question. We’re all just people with too much time on our hands and too few things to fill that time with.

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@Joe_Freeman You may enjoy Ask Metafilter, they tend to be much more serious than this place is. Very little nonsense over there, except in their MetaTalk subsite (where questions about the community and policies are asked), people tend to josh around a lot in those threads. Then of course there is the main site itself of Metafilter which is a community blog. The site is turning 10 years old this year. The entire community has a very high level of discourse.

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Askville is not what it was a few years ago. You really DID have people with many levels of REAL expertise. Answers were not just a few sentences but several paragraphs of text, with pictures. Someone from Askville should link some of THOSE questions. Over time, however, the site changed and people left in droves. Now, good luck in getting any sort of valuable answer to your question there. It is not the IQ of the people that’s the problem, but the number of people who are there to answer questions. And when the people who ANSWER questions well leave, since many of those same people ASK questions well, the amount of good questions decrease also.

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I used to use Askville, and now I used to use fluther.
My husband uses Askville.

I’d like to vote for Fluther. ;)

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Only Fluther has Milo as the ultimate arbitrater.

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@Joe_Freeman ; the correct term is, askvillans.”~

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In some members, exactly the same because they are the same people. Overall, I’d readily put my money on Fluther.

But it also takes more than brains to give helpful and useful answers. There’s some heart and some attitude involved. Fluther gets the gold star for heart and for attitude.

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@Joe_Freeman Welcome to Fluther!

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I was once an Askvillian, but I haven’t logged in there in perhaps a year. I consider myself a flutherite now. This means that I can no longer comment on the intelligence of Askvillians. I have to say that I left because of the growing pettiness and juvenility I saw there. Since I much prefer intelligent conversation, I’d have to say that, for me, the average flutherite stands head and shoulders above the average Askvillian in the intelligence department, although the variance in intelligence might be similar on both sites. Moderation serves to eliminate the dumbest questions, if not the dumbest people.

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The biggest advantage I see with Fluther over Askville is the live moderation! That is the ‘biggest’ plus I can give! I have been a member of both and have seen silliness on both sites and ‘stupid’ and smart questions and answers, but because the fact that Fluther has the mods actively paying attention to what is going on it tends to be a better site in some ways, I just have a harder time on this site feeling the ‘closeness’ or comfortableness that I have felt on Askville. I also think that this site has a few areas that could make it even better such as the ‘time stamp’ thing, yes I know there has been a lot of talk already about that! But it is nice to know how long ago someone ‘responded’ to a question and if you need to respond back or not….

I think both sites have their place and yet I still am getting used to fluther so I guess it is a ‘to each his own’ thing as to whether one is better than the other!

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Exponentially more so. Except for the refugees. We were out of place on AV because we were too smart for it.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one to have noticed that Askville, once a fascinating site that kept me up till all hours, has turned to crap. And I agree with @lollipop that Fluther simply does not have the communal feeling or closeness that was very evident in Askville back in the day. And though Fluther is certainly more serious than the current incarnation of Askville, I’d actually prefer a Q&A site that is still more serious, even if that means it won’t be cozy like Askville used to be.

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@Joe_Freeman: We discuss free will a lot. This way ======> to the egress.

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