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Why do sonographers say we can't guarantee the sex of your baby/ies, even tho in the image you can clearly see what it is?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) June 12th, 2009

Would the penis drop off just before birth on boys to make girls, or is the baby able to tuck its penis between its legs to make a vagina just to trick the sonographer?
Not that we know the sex yet its still too early , but was reading up about it again and that is something that always pops up .

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because you can get all sorts of artifacts on medical imaging that you can convince yourself there is something there when infact there isn’t.

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Also it stops them being sued if they get it wrong.

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The even say it on the 3D and 4D scans even tho its clearly shown what it is .

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Just because you can see something on a scan does not mean it is actually there. Conversely just because you can’t see something on a scan doesn’t mean it isnt there.

We get lots of patients refered for colonoscopy who have had CT scans which showed a tumours and when we actually went and physically looked at the bowel there was nothing there.

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Maybe they are worried about the possibility of it being a hermaphrodite and a subsequent law suit.

Or more likely it is a condition of their professional indemnity insurance, not to make a claim, just let the interested parties make their own assumptions.

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Because some idiot will sue them if they turn out to be wrong 1 time out of 1000 and they “guaranteed” the result. They’re just covering their rears. Much like disposable coffee cups have to tell you “contents are hot”.

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Because they could be sued if they say “we’re 100% sure it’s a boy” and it turns out to be a girl with a long belly button or a hermaphrodite or whatever. It’s to cover their asses in case of error.

I do hope you’re joking about the penis falling off thing eh, and a foetus can’t play tricks as it doesn’t have the cognitive ability to do so :)

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I am a student in the medical imaging field, and I can assure you that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. I have seen patients get quite scared after looking at their own images, when to a trained eye they are perfectly normal. I have not studied sonography, but I would hazard a guess that it is a similar case. As @Lightlyseared said, what you see on an image doesn’t necessarily correlate with the anatomy.

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I don’t know. They don’t say say it in my country either, even though there is little risk of anyone trying to sue anyone. It seems like that is a very american phenomena.

We didn’t know the gender of our son until he moment he popped out and flashed us. Not that it mattered much.

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@oratio very american phenomena. ?

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In a world where abortion at whim is legal no one in their right mind would guarantee anything. It would be too easy to say “If I had only known, I would have aborted”. Many clinics have been sued for failing to notify a prospective parent of something that would make them consider not carrying to term.

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@sandystrachan In my country we don’t sue normally. It’s a different legal culture.

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@oratio Wow you have your own country obviously you have learned from countries like Americas mistakes then . What would one have to do to become a citizen of oratio land ?

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@sandystrachan Not much. Being nice and not a dick is enough.

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@oratio Being nice and not a dick is enough.

You live on Lesbos?

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@DarkScribe If you haven’t lived on Lesbos, you haven’t lived at all.

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Ah alas to not be a dick depends on what you class as being a dick i guess

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@sandystrachan I don’t see what I’ve said that could have upset you, but if it makes you feel better, I apologize.

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I don’t know, probably because people are sue happy…and what if they are wrong? I mean, it would have sucked for us since we bought all blue things and prepared for a boy…I would have been shocked if I had given birth to a girl (but, I saw the ultrasound so I was positive it was a boy.) The tech told us it was a boy, and pointed out the bits and pieces, and even said he’s all boy. He was confident and so was I.
Some places are different though, and it’s probably a legal thing.

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@oratio I am not upset , if you can tell someones feelings simply by reading text you are a grand person .

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yes, ‘cause god forbid you’d get a ‘hermaphrodite’ baby, why, the horror! rolls eyes

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@casheroo I don’t know, probably because people are sue happy…

Would that be “Runaround” Sue? I could see how she might make a few people happy.

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Surely with the 3D and 4D ultrasounds you can’t miss a male or female organs or am i mistaken ? i kind of understand the normal low grade black and white scans but not the 3D/4D ones .

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Update And it’s a…...... Click and find out :P

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