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Has anyone received this message?

Asked by f4a (601points) June 12th, 2009

We’ve added more, finer-tuned notification settings to give you more control over the way we contact you.

We’ve also added GTalk/Jabber support and some new features to the Flutherbot (like random good questions), so add your IM account and get faster responses!

is this true? what happens in IM? do they privately message you the answer so you won’t have to login in fluther?

it says the message is from fluther

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everybody got the message, it is from Andrew, one of the founders of Fluther.

It is just another way of interacting with Fluther meaning you can ask questions from IM. Why not try it and see what you think. Then let Fluther know so they can improve it.

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Yep i got it also think its just a standard thing for people to get , with the progress this site is makin .

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Yes, it’s from one of the two site creators. Why they chose to communicate via comments instead of via a blog post, I’ll never know. I found it to be a bit of a surprise. You can ignore it completely if you wish. Nothing bad will happen.

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Darn! I thought I was special.

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OH NO! It means they have taken over your brain. There is a subliminal suggestion implanted in the spacing of the text that will make you into a zombie. Any moment now, you will be struck by an overwhelming urge to buy a Mac and an iPhone. And it’s just the beginning…

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personal touches make it better rather than in a blog for everyone , some people don’t read them .

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@IchtheosaurusRex oh no!! I could never live with myself if I bought a Mac and an iPhone. Maybe I need to find a speeding bus to jump under before I start worshipping Steve Jobs as the god of binary-powered machinery.

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@Lupin funny!

I tried it yesterday and it was fun.

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Yeah, we all got that message. And I was so happy cause I got my first comment but realized it was basically an announcement :(

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i was surprised andrew was talking to ME
thinking he wanted to take me out to dinner or something, his message didn’t really make sense to me.
until i realized he probable did send it to everyone…

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