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Should I set up a car wash outside under 100degree weather?

Asked by WhatThaF (168points) June 12th, 2009 from iPhone

I’m part of an organization, and we’re tryna raise money. the plan was to have a car wash outside on this parking lot.. its gonna be 100degrees tomorrow. I’m concerned about my ppl getting tired and holding up signs in the heat.
with me, I’m no fan of humidity.
should I cancel this car wash tomorrow?

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Make sure you have two things.

1. Plenty of water
2. A tiny yellow poka dot bikini

good luck. And have a tent or tarp for rest and shade. Happy fun raising.

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You would have to be quick with the drying of the car, or you will end up having to wash it again . If its 37.8c outside the water will dry rather fast and make more mess .

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I spend several months a year in that sort of temperature. What do you see as a problem? It isn’t anything more than a person would really like for a good day at the beach.

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It sounds kind of painful. It depends on how devoted you are to your cause. Definitely plenty of water to drink, and shade. And sunscreen!

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Make the best of it by having plenty of drinking water and bring some water balloons or water guns. As long as your people are having a good time, the heat won’t be bothersome. As for the car wash, do your customers a huge favor by washing the cars under a shaded area or tent if possible. Washing in the direct sunlight and searing heat tends to leave soap spots and can be bad for the paint.

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—we’re in college
—raising money for kids in Africa
—right now, this summer is considered vacation for us

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Wet T-shirt contact should keep everyone cool

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@DragonFace *contest

Contact works too.

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Ick… I would rather drive rusty nails into my forehead than work that. But, if there was AMPLE water, shade, sunscreen, break time, and ice cream afterward, maybe I’d consider it.

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Not in direct sunlight.

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