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How is Eddie Murphy still getting lead rolls in huge movies?

Asked by windex (2932points) June 12th, 2009

Usually in Hollywood, if you star in a couple of big budget movies that tank, you usually don’t get another chance unless you do a couple of indie/medium budget movies to come back on top.
How is it that Eddie Murphy, despite having numerous box office failures in the past few years, still manages to get the big budget leading rolls?
I understand that he was a huge star, and has had a bunch of successful movies. Is he putting his own money/studio funds to back up the costs, or is a studio still putting faith in him?

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He is on my list of worst actors…he tries too hard to be funny.

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One word, “Donkey”

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Because at one point he was popular.

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Lurve for a great question! This is when Eddie Murphy was funny. That man lost his mojo at least 20 years ago and has not regained a single ounce. Spare us all and retire now Mr. Murphy.

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Because Disney owns him. Anytime they have a spot to fill in a shitty movie they only have to look at his contract, and we get yet another Eddie Murphy movie.

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He has been in some really dire films (Norbit springs to mind) but if you look at Dreamgirls he put in a fantastic performance. I don’t think you can say he is an awful actor he just needs some decent roles.

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His movies sell in the family market on DVD. They may not do that well in theaters, but if the studios weren’t getting their ROI on him, believe me, he wouldn’t even be making promo shorts for

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Eddie Murphy is on the same list as Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, and Jim Carey. Used to be funny/interesting, ain’t no more.

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This is going to bug the shit out of me until I say it.

It’s r-o-l-e-s. Roles.

Carry on.

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Cause he’s “funny” and is famous I think.
Arnt most of the movies he’s in are the ones he directed himself or whatever u call it?

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@kevbo: OMG, thanks you so much. Than and Then is wut bugs me the most.

Sry wasn’t thinking, off course..psh….i am stupid

Yes off sarcasm >:)

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Are they actually losing money, now? (Keep in mind Hollywood is notorious for their accounting practices.)

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Because his films are still making money. For those who cast actors in major-studio major pictures, that’s the bottom line. End of discussion (imnsho).

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I agree with LightlySeared’s answer. I think even mediocre actors can seem amazing on screen when given the right script. Case in point: Keanu Reeves, Reese Witherspoon…Hugh Grant? I guess it’s all a matter of opinion, right?

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When he is in movies, like the one coming out, it’s a certain formula. It works for him and it sells films for the studio.

I remember when he was in his prime…I do think he’s past his prime, but his ego isn’t. Blah!

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He decided to make kid friendly movies and kids love them. they don’t always perform well at the boxoffice but they do good on DVD.

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Same reason the Wayans Bros. are still making movies. Somebody’s watching that crap.

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This article just popped up on my feed reader and made me think of this question.

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Well apart from the fact that most know of him as a household name (which in itself will indefinatley keep him wanting of that attention – we all have an ego) It’s his job to be given a script then take direction. What anyone thinks after that… well thats just it, “think what you think.”

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This question is funny, eddie murphy is washed up and i think someone should take his place in movies

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@ththththth : but think of the loss to the Fluther Community! Please say you’ll refrain from the temptation of the bright lights and the big fame!

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The fault lies with the viewing public that constantly demands more insipid, value free films.

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