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Do you have trouble finding clothes that fit you?

Asked by Joinni (34points) June 12th, 2009

I want tight fitting shirts and I’m small so it’s almost impossible for me to find clothes that fit.

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Cry me a river. :)

Have you tried stores geared towards juniors, like the BP section of Nordstrom or Forever 21?

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Never, because I have an excellent tailor.

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All the time. Jeans are never long enough and shirts don’t fit right because I have big boobs and a really small waist. Shirts are also too short most of the time. I should think about having my clothes tailored, but it’s probably expensive.

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Gain some weight.

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Since I’ve gained weight, things fit just fine.

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I used to, when I was younger. I had to get a lot of things tailored. I’d need larger sizes, because of the length of my legs, but the pants would be too big in the hips.
I have a high waist, so it’s hard getting pants to sit correctly. I have to wear a belt a lot so my pants don’t fall down…even though they fit everywhere else.

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@MrGeneVan and @Facade Come on guys, some people are naturally small. The OP isn’t asking about her weight. Be nice.

And damn, I didn’t answer the original question again.
All the time. I’m really tall, fairly thin and very curvy. Pants are rarely long enough, and never seem to fit both my waist/hips and thighs right, shirts that fit my chest are huge everwhere else, shirts that fit my waist make me look porny. Long dresses are never long enough, and short ones are too short.

I think most girls have some body issue that make clothing difficult. Scratch that. I think most clothing manufacturers don’t understand women’s bodies.

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@likeradar I totally know what you mean about shirts. Same problem.

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@Likeradar I wasn’t insinuating anything. I used to be in immaculate shape and nothing fit me. Now, things fit.

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…shirts don’t fit right because I have big boobs and a really small waist. @DrasticDreamer, yes, me too.

And IF I can find trousers and denims that fit my waist-hip ratio – BWAHAHAHAHA! – I have to have them hemmed up because the legs are always, always, always too long.

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@Joinni Oh! Sorry!!! Bad assumption.

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@Joinni Most guys I know that want their clothes to fit tightly just buy women’s clothes. I don’t know if you’re into that or not, but there ya go.

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I’m quite large-chested, and that makes it hard to find things that complement my upper half.

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pants never fit me.
i either find them really short and wide
or really long but too skinny for me.
it’s really frustrating.

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My best friend and I used to go shopping together and always end up with opposite problems. She wouldn’t be able to completely zip up the dresses she liked, (big boobs) when all of my choices would make me look like I was wearing a sack on top. (small boobs)
We’d sit in the food court and bemoan our predicaments.
(On the other hand, it was really handy, cause the dresses she’d pick would usually fit me better, while the styles I picked would be a better fit for her)

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But to answer the problem, I usually go to old navy and buy the 14 or 16 kids size shirts etc. They’re like a xx-small, better fit size.

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All the time so I’m a believer in alterations. I know by the placement of seams, darts, fabric grain and print whether or not something can be made to fit me and how many sizes bigger I can buy and still have it tailored down nicely.

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What I’m going to do is buy clothes with more wool in and tumble dry it, will that work?

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Yes! It sucks because it would take me forever to look for the right thing:/ and when I find something I like, I can’t wear it because it needs to be perfect for my body and shape. Ugh…

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No and you won’t either shirts medium. pants 25 or 26 or simple size 5 :) straight leg please

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Clothes never fit me right either for a lot of the same reasons mentioned. I have big hips, a small waist, big boobs, and I’m tall. With each article of clothing it’s a different issue: pants are either too big in the waist, too small in the hips, and/or not long enough. Short dresses place the hips of the dress way too high and they’re in my waist or if I find a size that hits my hip in the right place the dress is just way too big all over. Shirts and dresses just plain don’t have enough room for my breasts, even though they might fit me perfectly everywhere else. Ugh and bras!!! Those are the worst to fit. I’m in between a 32 and a 34 and in between a DD and an E (closer to the DD side, so that’s not as challenging) but whenever I find one that looks like it fits to the bra lady, it’s way way too tight around my back, and if I take it off after an hour or so, I already have huge red lines all over my back. If I find one that doesn’t give me those painful red marks, the bra lady hates it, and says it doesn’t provide any support. I can’t win.

@hungryhungryhortence and @SirBailey: So, how much does it cost to have stuff tailored?

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No, I just go to any sporting goods store and walk back to the tent section. Most of those are one size fits all.

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38 E/ F boobs and a size (uk) 14 waist not good as things either fit around the boobs and are too big for the waist or too small for boobs and fits waist :(

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@DrasticDreamer and Sakura: Tailoring is not expensive and worth every penny. Get tops that fit in the bust and then have an alterations place fit it in the body and sleeves.

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Actually ive read over the comments again and see that so many are having the same problem.

I cant stress enough the importance of alterations.

Ladies: get tops that fit nicely in your biggest part: boobs, belly, arms, have the rest of the garment cut down.

Ladies, men: get pants that fit in the ass first and hopefully in the waist as well (the waist can be taken in quite easily) the length and taper of the leg can be adjusted.

Guys: buy that shirt or jacket that fits in the neck and shoulders, sleeve length and width can be adjusted as can be body size.

Tailoring will make you look fantastic and just isnt that expensive. It frees up your clothing choices.

A less expensive item that is cut to fit you will look a million times better than an expensive item with a sloppy fit.

Proper fit makes far more of an impression than rich materials, wild patterns, even labels.

Id rather wear a flawlessly tailored suit made of burlap that one of the finest materials right off the rack.

I’d urge you to take that one item that you really love and spend to have it made to fit perfectly, notice how easily it wears now, you can relax and let the garment do the work. Youll love it more than ever. Youll never be the same. I mean, its been made to fit only you.

Your friends and coworkers wont notice why but men, youll look fitter, women, youll look shaplier, youll all look edgier, smarter, more dynamic.

Youll feel more confident when you no longer have to labor to wear an ill fitting item well.

Spend less on the items and put some of that savings toward alterations, it won’t cost you any more and it’ll make all the difference.

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