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Who's birthday is it today?

Asked by ABoyNamedBoobs03 (7538points) June 12th, 2009

today’s muh burfday… And every year I always wonder who else has one today. None of my friends do, I know Anne frank is june 12th, but that’s about it.

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But in 1898 the Philippines declared independence from Spain.

Happy Independence day Philippines!

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Mine’s june 27th. But happy birthday anyway.

And this is what WolframAlpha and Wikipedia say.

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Happy Birthday :D

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Here you go, @ABoyNamesBoobs03: a list. I hope you find something or someone you like. Happy birthday.

[Edit] I see I got you the same present as dverhey. Well, you can look twice, and maybe you’ll see something you missed.

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Today is my friends birthday, I gotta say happy birthday to her I almost forgot! Oh and Happy Birthday to you too!

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Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy your day.

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happy birthday! ((:

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Happy Birthday! :)

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