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Isn't educational television the only thing we could reasonably call "reality tv"?

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Well, maybe in a perfect world…

Frankly, I love educational television and documentaries, which I both consider forms of “reality TV”, even though they’re not “reality shows”.

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I hate reality shows, survivor was cool the first season. Then everyone got on the band wagon. So lame, and so scripted. As long as producers exist reality tv will suck.

I consider “Planet Earth” and “Earth” as reality tv.

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@willbrawn Actually I think MTV’s Real World was the first ‘reality show’. I enjoyed that one for a year or so.

Today, I think the only actual reality depicted on TV is something like continuous live coverage of congressional hearings, with no narration or reporting going on. Even documentaries, while they are about true events, can be skewed by direction and narration.

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Maybe. I think that If you want to watch real “Reality TV”, you should surf online street cameras.

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Agree. I also think all faux reality television should be thrown off a cliff.

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