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Where does intuition come from?

Asked by sap82 (704points) June 12th, 2009

Thought I would fulfill a thought from somebody in the fluther. What do you think, people?

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i’d say instinct and subconscious pattern recognition.
but thats just me.

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From the Latin intuit(us) meaning contemplation.

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Experience and a good eye.

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I think it’s an amalgamation of one’s senses. There’s sounds, movements, all sorts of things that happen on the periphery of our awareness, and when we are able to pick it up on them and bring them to consciousness, we call that intuition.

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If she’s hot enough, from your crotch…

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Have you ever heard of the book “blink”? the phenomena it describes is how I think of intuition.
(If you haven’t read the book, you should. It’s an interesting read)

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experience and pattern recognition.

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Intuition is honing your observations and experiences into a tool to kind of pre assess new situations. I personally believe intuition is separate from instinct or gut feeling.

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Our brain is not a single pipe unit that centrally processes each situationto produce a result. In our brain many parallel evaluations take place that contribute to our intentions motivations and responses. Many of these processes never become conscious and automation and heuristics play a big role in that: simple rules of thumb to quickly evaluate our situation.

Intuition is when our brain has reached an intent towards a situation through experience and various heuristics that hands enough direction to base a decision on, but due to a lack of central processing, the brain cannot consciously articulate how it came to that conclusion.

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a lack of central processing ???

therein lies the fallacy

intuition is spirit and knowing

we ARE dualistic

@ariaen I’d like you to form a better argument

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@lynneblundell HI! I was wondering where you’d gone!

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back…but only briefly! thank you xxx

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@lynneblundell, not to be too harsh, but @ariaen at least had an argument, whereas your definition consisted entirely of three terms which are so hopelessly vague as to be meaningless.

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Intuition is when you pay college tuition at a state school.

Rape is when you pay tuition at a non-state or private school.

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@Jayne ok. thank you for your offering

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The unconscious brain.

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