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What role does God play in sex? {if any}?

Asked by lady4life (234points) June 12th, 2009

Theologians have ascribed a variety of attributes to the various conceptions of God. The most common among these include omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence..

For those that believe in God
is it unreasonable to assume that God/the most high is present in all experiences including love-making & sex ..

Do you consider sex/love-making a spiritual thing..exchanging of souls?

I am new here I apologize if this question has been asked before

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Sometimes girls yell out “Ohh God thats good/ that’s the spot/ (place other phrase here)” so he obviously plays some role…

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Sometimes if you have longish hair she may make comparisons to Jesus Christ, if she is catholic and then mention his daddy, when things really hot up ;)

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I do believe that sex is deeper than physical pleasure. but I’m supposed to be doing school work, so I can’t really delver deeper

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@Facade is that your picture in the avatar?

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yep, that’s me :)

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Well, if it’s done right you hear his name.

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Absolutely none to me. I consider sex to be a fun thing to do with one or more people.

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For Christians ( Sex in Holy Marriage between one man and one woman) is overshaddowing of Holy unification in everlasting communion & bliss of Bride and Bridegroom ( Christians aka Church with Jesus Christ Lord God ).

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Of course sex is spiritual. That’s what it was meant to be besides it’s obvious use for procreation. I view it as a way of communication. A way to express love when sometimes you don’t have a way to communicate it with words. It’s too bad sex has been exploited and the spiritual aspect ripped away. Sex now is generally viewed as either just for fun porn, TV & movies, music, or strictly forbidden and bad religion, abstinence. Sex is the most natural thing on Earth. Why can’t it just be celebrated and not abused?

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@dynamicduo Have you ever had sex with more than one person? Just for the sake of conversation.

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If sex is natural, how is it spiritual?

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@tinyfaery If sex is natural, how is it not spiritual. But see, I believe everything has spiritual meaning. I get where your going, I guess we just believe differently.

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@essieness that’s exactly how i feel. i can’t understand why society keeps it on the hush in the natural, decent way instead of celebrating it and makes jokes and promotes it in an undecent, disgusting way. i mean, we’re all humans, right? i just don’t get it.

@tinyfaery it can be natural and spiritual at the same time. even nature itself is spiritual in it’s own ways.

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I think I have some idea of the relationship between God and sex. I had a friend in grade school, and he learned about sex and God in a rather spectacular way just before his parents got a divorce. He told me all about it.

Apparently, one time he asked his mother if people are supposed to go up to heaven feet first. She asked him why he would ask that and he told her that when he was walking by the house next door, he could see through the window that the lady who lived there was laying on the bed with her feet pointing towards the sky, and she was yelling really loudly, “God, I’m coming,” but his dad was on top of her and wouldn’t let her go.

OK, if you didn’t see that coming, I apologize

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Oh god… grammar FAIL for Essie. I said, “I get where your going…” but I totally know it’s you’re. facepalm

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To me nature is physical and quantifiable, the spiritual is not. I cannot make a connection between the 2.

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The Song Of Solomon….

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i would never associate god with sex.

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I may associate Goddesses with sex, not sure about God..

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Clit has four letters and God has three so they have nothing to do with each other.

edit: I would imagine God likes to watch.

edit 2: Otherwise why would you create it? So you can watch. Life really is just a giant porn.

Edit 3: Life is a giant porn….and Getting to watch Chuckie deliver mail in those hot mailman shorts.

Edit 4: Giant Porn, Chuck in shorts, and the green flash. God developed those but not sex.

Edit 5: Green Flash is real and am I hot for Chuckie?...oh my poor lesbian life…

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In Abraham’s life God had many roles in sex. When Abraham was traveling Abraham would tell everyone that his wife was actually his sister. Then, when a king or pharaoh invariably took Sarah as his own wife God would curse the king or pharaoh and all of their people, until they paid Abraham lots of sheep, oxen and slaves of both genders to pray to God to stop cursing them.

This seems to be Abraham’s greatest source of income.

God also gave Abraham and Sarah’s sex life boost in their old age, when he insisted that Sarah would have a son. And he was enough of a good old boy to not make a fuss when Abraham impregnated his slave and he helped Abraham shed his guilt and ditch his son and baby mama when God’s miracle child came along.

God thinks you shouldn’t bugger dudes (if you’re a dude), or spill your semen. And sometimes, just sometimes, he’ll kill you for not fucking your brother’s wife.

God also wants your foreskin.

That’s the Abrahamic god anyways, I don’t know about the others, besides that some of them liked orgies.

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This Abraham sounds like a prick who fucked people put of money and cheated on his wife with God as his dickhead silent partner…

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God’s role in sex, I think, is more about “fore play”. Bear with me: By following the guidelines in the bible for marriage and sex and by keeping with the oaths you say at the altar you are, in a sense, creating fore play. Women know this (slap me if I’m wrong). For a woman, foreplay starts way before the bedroom. It starts with that surprise breakfast in bed, or helping her fix something in the house, or being a good father and a husband in general. For a woman, foreplay is much more than how you excite her sexually.. it is also about how you excite her emotionally.. you might say spiritually. Following Christ , imho, prepares your heart and mind for such a union and magnifies the entire experience into a spiritual one.. one that isn’t just mere biology.

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