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Hey Fluther gardeners, is there any product out there to save my garden cucumbers?

Asked by ESV (468points) June 12th, 2009 from iPhone

They seem to get sick meaning, getting some yellow color on their leafs. Is there some type of solution to spray on them to get better? If yes, what’s it called?

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They might not have enough nitrogen. It depends on a number of things – such as the distribution of yellow on the leaves, if any other icky stuff or bugs are around.

Here are Cucumber Disease and Pest Troubleshooter and Problems of Cucumbers links to help you look into this further than we can help here.

Good luck! Cucumbers fresh off the vine and warm from the sun with a little salt are one of the best things about summer, imho.

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One of my heirlooms, croaked immediately; the hybrids so far so good. If you want to divert from organic then it sounds like a fungicide is required. They are very succeptable to soil borne organisms, so I always try to mulch around so no dirt splashes on the foliage.

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