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Is the Twitpocalypse real?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) June 12th, 2009

How will it effect everyone who uses twitter? I am addicted, so what should I do to prepare?

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what is a “Twitpocalypse”?

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My prediction is that the Twitter craze will die out by the end of summer and it really won’t matter.

You really know when a new technology has jumped the shark when the celebs and politicians start jumping on board.

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Stock your bomb shelter up with twinkies and boxes of wine (the adult juicebox) and ride it out.

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was Y2K real?

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It won’t matter. We all vaporized as the clocks rolled over to January 1, 2000, anyway.

[Edit] Rats, @willbrawn, you beat me by two seconds.

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Will any real people notice? They (the grey little people who are obsessed with noting and recording things) say that the majority of twitter users never make a single tweet, that less than ten percent of addicts support the platform. I had a look at Twitter. I came, I tweeted, I toodled off. Most people seem to do the same.

On that basic whatever happens will be insignificant. Ask any politician whether ten percent is a number of significance.

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The same thing brought slashdot down for a few days.

Edit :: It wasn’t days. Hours

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@willbrawn there were some y2k effects but not nearly as many as would have happened had governments and industry not spent untold amounts to correct y2k
issues. i headed a y2k effort for a company (when the guy originally charged for the effort wasn’t getting it done) and yeap we found plenty of issues to resolve.

also, a similar effort had to take place when the us extended day light savings time. blackberry is an example of a company that didnt take care of its issues on time and their users were impacted as results.

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This is sort of funny. I guess I’ll just use Twhirl instead of TweetDeck if it happens.

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But what will happen to Stephen Fry? What? He’s on it all the time! I worry.

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I have never tweeted for two reasons. One is I can’t express myself with that few characters. Two is, the whole world doesn’t need to know every time I go out to buy groceries or stop to take a dump. Seems like a bunch of self important nonsense to me…the minutia of our lives is minutia for a reason. I think Conan O’Brien got it right last week when he updated his “Year 2000” skit to be “Year 3000” and said that in the year 3000, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook would all merge, making one one big website…YouTwitFace.

no offense to you tweeters out there

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I signed up to Twitter i said something and i have never been back because it’s pointless , i only went on to see what the fuss was about turns out nothing very exciting or worth while . I do like the sound of YouTwitFace , does that end in .com or something else ?

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I’m on Twitter. Follow me.

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I use Tweetie for the Mac. anyone know if this will make my Mac turn into a PC??!?!?!~

seriously, i think this is just a clever marketing campaign for twitter.

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I do enjoy Twitter. Of course, I don’t update “ok im on the potty now” or something like that. just random little things, mostly quotes and opinions. I mostly use Twitter for following my favourite bloggers and getting breaking news.

It sounds like most people will be okay though, just make sure that your Twitter Clients are working afterward. I’m using SocialScope on my Blackberry and haven’t had any problems yet so we’ll see. If something happens…well, it’s not the end of the world.

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And that’s all she twote.

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is it a coincidence that the twitapocalyse non-event and the facebook username cluserf&$! and the digital TV transition all happened today?

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