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Recommend events calendar and notification software?

Asked by Jeruba (52934points) June 12th, 2009

I’d like to downlad and install a program that would let me fill in events by date and time (dentist appointments, reminders, etc.) and have it pop up with notifications beforehand and at the time. I don’t want to do it through a mailer like Yahoo or gmail. I would prefer it to be self-contained. And I don’t really care about drawing calendar pages; I have a nice wall calendar for that. I just want to put events in and then have it pop up and remind me when the time is near, and also let me search and display upcoming dates. Something like an Outlook calendar would be all right, but not Outlook, thanks.

Any recommendations?

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Well, I’ve never used it, so I don’t know if it has the features you’re looking for, but Mozilla makes a calendar application called Sunbird. You could try reading up on that to see if it suits you.

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I use the Apple Calendar program on my Mac and iPhone.

You might also want to look into… it lets you schedule dates and to-dos and can send reminders… all via text, IM, email or voice recording. I think you benefit most if you use a BlackBerry or iPhone, so it will coordinate all the devices, but of should still work via Desktop alone.

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Have you tried Rainlendar before? I’ve used it and always thought it was a good program that did exactly what you expect without all the extra junk. Takes very little space too.

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@PnL, I haven’t tried anything. I’ve been using my Outlook calendar at work for everything. But now I want a resource on my home computer and I didn’t know where to start looking. Rainlendar might be just the thing! Thank you.

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Let me know if you like it!

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@PnL, I have installed the “lite” version, and I think it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

@Ivan, I did look into Sunbird and downloaded the trial version. I decided to look a bit further. I do appreciate your suggestion. Yours, too, @hearkat, but I don’t use those devices. The straightforward simplicity of Rainlendar and the popup reminders are probably my best bet.

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Wait, Sunbird isn’t free? Sorry, didn’t know.

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Four weeks later, @PnL, I am very happy with Rainlendar. It does exactly what I wanted and doesn’t bother me with a whole lot of extra useless functions and eyewash.

I was all set to upgrade to the Pro (paid) version today, but I found out that all that does is give you support for network calendars, Outlook and Google Calendar, and I don’t need it. So I have a great tool for free. Thank you again for your most excellent recommendation.

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I am glad you have found it useful :)

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