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Are there any cool new sites out that you like?

Asked by sethmedia (80points) June 12th, 2009

Anything new, fun, useful, or addicting floating around out there on the web?

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Not new but… (not a typo ;) )

rooeytoo's avatar – someone in fluther recommended it before and it has become one of my favorite sites. It is like randomwebsite but with a little bit of control.

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Maybe not all new but I have been spending a lot of time on VectorPark, Buzzvote because it’s a total time suck, Freeskier Magazine because i’m a total skiing nerd, and Songza because it’s a good free music source.

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My newest favorite website:

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I like I read stuff on there, and then see the same “breaking” story on network news like weeks later. It’s sad.

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@tyrantxseries Is that real news or is it a joke??

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@RedPowerLady It’s all jokes. Believable jokes, I guess.

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@dverhey I was wondering because that was too funny to be true! :)

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Yeah. Some of it is just way too raunchy. Like this.

You may want to turn down the speakers. Really salty language.

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The rat thing on the front page kinda disgusted me but the sandwich on the floor thing cracked me up. Not sure if I should open your link….

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It’s your choice. Just bad language.

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Okay since it was only bad language I opened it. I don’t know what is up with that… I think my hubby might enjoy it though. I don’t think I’ll show it to him…. I did laugh, so I guess that’s good :)

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If you remotely like that, the MacBook Wheel is a classic. And I’m a mac person.

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Might I suggest Questionable Content. It’s a must if you love comix, soaps and real love.

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@tyrantxseries Excellent! One of my faves. It’s funny, sometimes I’m reading stories on “real” news sites and I think, this should be on Onion, it’s so surreal.

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I love the suggestions, I’ll try them tomorrow. Off to bed for tonight but looking forward to a good laugh in the morning.

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Tons of cool things to make life easier.

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Kongregate. Onelastcontinue.

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