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Are you pleased with the result of the Stanley Cup finals?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) June 12th, 2009

I am sooooooooooo happy that the Pens won? How about you?

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I missed it and forgot to record it.


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I always like the underdog to win. Since my Leafs suck again, I am happy the Pens won.

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No. :(

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I’m indifferent. Crosby is overrated. The Pens proved they don’t need him.
Gotta give some credit though. It’s tough to win at the Joe.

They should give Brad Stuart an honorable mention tonight. He gave the Pens the win.

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Sure. I don’t follow hockey, but I don’t really like the Red Wings.

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Well, I would have rather seen the Ducks win the Cup again, but short of that, the playoffs were great, as were the finals. Congratulations, Pens!
Besides, Los Angeles has yet another championship coming very shortly…Go Lakers

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No. Fucking Penguins.

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No. I hate Pittsburgh sports teams and their fans who seem to live everywhere EXCEPT in frickin’ Pennsylvania.

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Of course—as a fan of the Washington Capitals, naturally i prefer that our conference win it all. In only a few cases would i root against such a team: Dallas Cowboys and, even more fervently, New York Yankees.

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No I hate the pens.

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I care not for any sports.

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I’m not pleased in the least. I honestly thought that the Wings were gonna pull it off. Even at the last few minutes, I was just waiting for Lidstrom, Zetterberg, Datsyuk or our Big Red Tank Franzen to fire one into the back of the net. Sadly it just never happened. :(
I will however give the Penguins credit where credit is due: They most definitely earned that cup this year. (Aside from Crosby….he’s the whiniest guy in hockey in my opinion. Wouldn’t even shake the Wings’ hands after the game…) I’ll be interested to see how we fare against them next year.

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Dark Wolf with Crimson Pinions: You won’t get a chance, except during the regular season—in the Finals, it’s the Caps you’ll see, if anyone.<grin>

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Alright Lex…I’ll give you this: You’ve got Ovechkin…..but what else? lol The kid’s damn good….but he can’t carry a whole team. <grin> lol

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Im very happy. I wish it could of been a shut out. It almost was but I guess I have to be happy with just the win. Its not that I even like Pittsburgh, but I just really hate Detroit. I can’t even explain how much I hate them. I’m so happy they lost. It was a great game though. Definitely kept me on the edge of my seat the third period.

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@DW: Semin, Varlamov, Putin, Medvedev, and SMERSH—BCE PYCCKIIb!

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Why do you hate Detroit so much?

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I am a lifelong Habs fan, so I did not have the passion I might have had for the finals. One side of me wanted the Wings to win as I thought the city of Detroit could use a boost with all of the problems they have had with the car business. The other side of me wanted the Pens and Crosby to pull the upset. Sports is like that, it brings emotion even though it is probably a bit ridiculous. It is what makes us watch and escape for a moment the deep problems of our world, an innocent portal to our childhoods, as it were. Thus, I am satisfied, in summary.

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