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Do you know anything about this MGMT video?

Asked by ubersiren (15193points) June 12th, 2009

I saw it and was kind of disturbed by it. I guess because my son is close to that age… yeah, I know I’m such a lame mom. But it seemed a little, dare I say, like child abuse? I’m hoping that the kid was just filmed crying naturally and the scary things were added later. Do you know if that’s the case? To comfort myself, that’s where I’m filing it in my brain because there’s nothing I can do to change it now. You can fast forward to 1 minute in to pass the boring stuff. Clickeroo.

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Oh yeah. Beats the shit out of this Grizzly Bear video for utter weirdness. And that one’s pretty strange. I like the song, though.

And as far as i’ve heard, no children were harmed in the making of the video…

Right, and here’s a stereogum post about it. Its got a lot of comments too.

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i don’t know anything about it, and i love mgmt – but i hope that was edited in!

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It’s like this one. Boy Crying

This was shot for the NY anti-smoking campaign. I remember seeing something about the making of this commercial and the outcry from it; because, the boy really felt “lost” in the making of the commercial. He was standing there, abandoned and alone, in the commercial looking for the adult. There was a lot of outcry thinking that they really crossed the line on this one.

As a mother, I would never allow my child in that situation. I don’t give a crap how much money it paid, it is not worth it.

As far as this video, I watched it a few times. I really feel like the monster were there and it was to get the response from the child. If you see where he is looking, as they walk down the street, he’s looking at the scary monsters.

At the end, when the monsters were next to them in the car, they weren’t as scary as before. They caught his attention, but didn’t scare him, as much.

I can’t stand to watch it again. No child should be put in that situation for a video or movie, it really disturbs me.

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all I can say is, What The F*ck?

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pretty cool, but the music sucked.

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No. Not cool to do to a kid. At all.

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I actually found it interesting…weird huh?

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The idea of “harm” usually has physical meaning. So yeah, no kids where “harmed” during the making of the video, but all the hellish nightmares the poor boy will have is their fault.

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At first I was really confused because I’d only ever seen this video for that song, which apparently is fan made but they did actually use it, obviously until they made their own, the one you link to. Before watching the new one I was skeptical at some of the responses here, thinking that if you guys were so appalled it couldn’t possibly be real. But upon watching it I too am appalled because it looks completely genuine, as in the child was surrounded by people dressed up as scary monsters, not edited in later. It probably wasn’t the band’s idea but their manager’s or marketer’s or whatever, but I think I might just have to boycott MGMT now.

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What is that for?! Jesus, it scared me!

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Joanna Newsom dropping the baby like that, even though there was padding below or someone to catch him… just, I couldn’t believe it. A primal fear of human beings is falling. I can’t believe there was no one involved with this video who didn’t stop and say, “Hold up, let’s not terrorize this child.”

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This video is really far off from their other stuff. Kind of surprising really. Their videos are usually a bit happier while still quite trippy . I dont really even think Kids is that dark of a song compared to time to pretend or of moons, birds & monsters for instance to even warrant that.

I also kind of wish the whole video was just cartoon like the ending was, that was the best part. HAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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