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Did you had a hard time during the transition from analog to digital tv earlier tonight?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) June 12th, 2009 from iPhone

Or you were prepared either with a converter box or a digital tv already?

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I have a digital TV. But channels vanished and I had to rescan to pick them back up. I have cable too.

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No. I had all of the vibrators switched to the new digital system.

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We watched it! Since we have bunny ears via a roommate and no one bothered to get a box, we elected to watch the screen go to fuzz tonight. Just to see a bit of history. It was kind of exciting.

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Well, I’ve hardly had my tv on for the last nine years, but it doesn’t look any worse from the lack of wear. Actually, we’re on cable (zero reception) with converter boxes so the transition should have been seamless. I just checked with sccrowell…the tv in the living room is good. I guess I’ll find out if the one in my playroom is ok if and when I switch on the last quarter of game 5 of the NBA finals when the Lakers clinch another World Championship…more than likely, I’ll catch highlights on my computer as I usually do. Anyone want to buy a barely used 13” color tv, real cheap? You’ll have to clean the dust off it.

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It’s been hard. We dont have cable.

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Well I’m sort of homeless right now, I don’t own my own TV, but the TVs at one of my sort-of homes are on cable, so they should be fine, and the one at my other sort-of home (where I am right now) didn’t have cable or rabbit ears to begin with, so it’s dark, but not any different from before…

What about you, @2late2be?

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The TV’s about 12 years old, but I have cable. Didn’t notice a thing.

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@La_chica_gomela we have 3 tv’s at home, 2 of them are digital and one analog but we do have cable, so we didn’t lost the signal, and we noticed that channels like TNT, TBS looked so much better after the transition, they’re still look much better in HD but digital looks pretty good, too.

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We don’t have cable and still use older analog TVs with a rotating antenna on the roof that we bought in 1979. We are using converter boxes.
All we had to do was rescan for channels. It took about 2 minutes and we were right back to our normal 9 channels.

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Was it yesterday? I didn’t notice anything different. We’ve been having issues with our Comcast box for our tv, so thats the only thing I notice.

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I have converter boxes that automatically scan for 30 seconds every time I turn on TV, which is rare. I went through some initial aggro in Feb. No problems now.

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I bought a special antenna for $39.95 at Heartland USA, and not only did it give me channels I never had before, it made the transition with no hiccups, other than having to rescan the tv channels. But my tvs are digital, and I didn’t need no steeeeeeenking cable of converter box. Things still pixelate a bit, but I don’t watch enough tv to give a crap. the channels I do watch come in fine.

this digital stuff is all part of a grand conspiracy for the govt to control our lives in one more way, instead of letting us choose. Big Brother and 1984 anyone?

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We have cable and an analog TV and never noticed a thing.

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We now have only one channel. It tells us how to switch to digital in english and spanish. Maybe if we keep watching it we’ll learn some Spanish.p

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@ evelyns pet zebra It is actually to free up bandwidth to be used for police, ambulance etc. ( and give us better pictures for us dummys that watch TV and find it educational AND entertaining)

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