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8 months without LOST, How will you pass the time?

Asked by veronasgirl (1765points) June 13th, 2009

The incredibly long break from LOST is already driving me crazy, and I wanted to know how other fans were coping. Reading any good books, movies, or other TV shows similar to LOST? Knitting? Or are you just slowly sinking into an eight month coma?

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I’m planning a wedding/honeymoon, getting used to being father to a 12 year old, preparing the house we will live in, going through all my stuff to see what I need to bring and what I will give away/throw out/sell, keeping busy with projects at work, involved in planning activities for my local religious community, etc…

I’ve barely had time to watch tv since the last episode, so i expect 8 months to fly by in no time.

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I’m currently am in the middle of season 4, so I can at least try and space out season 5 for a while so I won’t have to deal with it as long.

It’s a very addictive show, those cliffhangers!!

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Haven’t seen it at all, NOT LOST anything.

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I am spiraling downward, upping my meds., crying a lot and eating too much chocolate. Life as I know it is over for the next 2/3s of a year.

It’s a pity I have no hobbies, other activities, obligations, and friends.

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I haven’t watched an episode since 2006. I’ll be okay.

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LOST started out good, then there were more questions than answers, and then, it just GOT EFFING STUPID. I gave up watching that dreck a long time ago, about the same time as @casheroo.

Who the Hell is writing this thing, two thousand chimpanzees in a room full of typewriters?!

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LOST is my crack. I think I will spontaneously combust whenn it ends next year.

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Well, I felt that way after the 3rd season. Things were all exciting, and the viewers were more lost than anything. I remember that episode with “Jacob”. It got so frustrating (and I’ve spoken to many people who feel the same) that I just gave up. I decided not to watch any of it anymore, and ignore it until the series was over (supposedly spring 2009) and then I’d get it all on dvd or something.

But basically by the 5th season it all makes sense, and the last episodes are just dragging on the series for purely financial reasons, when all the big questions bugging us from 2004 have been answered. So I’ll probably watch the next season whenever I remember to, but I’m pretty satisfied with my own answers. No, no sleepless nights anymore.

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I watched it once or twice the first season and decided I had better things to do with my time, so I don’t feel “Lost” at all.

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Im still waiting for season 5 on DVD. Lost is awesome, we are trying a couple other shows while we wait. TruBlood, 24, and Battlestar Galactica.

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Am I the only one who actually likes unanswered questions and mystery? It’s part of why the show fits under the genre: mystery. Not everything is going to be laid out for you in nice little packages. My mom feels the same way. You guys would hate the stories I write. Sometimes I purposefully decide that certain questions will never be answered, even though I can think of a solution. It’s part of the mystery.

And my mom and I are both waiting impatiently for the next season! Seriously, they take longer than any other show. But I forgive them because they are so excellent. I cannot wait for the next season. The ending of the 5th season was epic.

@gailcalled That sounds like half of the people here, except it’s not because of TV.

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@DominicX – There are too many unanswered questions in life for me to be attracted to even more unanswered questions in my leisure time.

I probably would hate the stories you write if the primary conflict remains unsolved at the end of the story. However, you might consider sending them to the New Yorker. Their editors like stories like that, and they pay big bucks if they accept one.

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@DominicX but the beauty of the mystery genre is to try and guess the answer, like a riddle or a puzzle game. And you expect to have the “official version” in the end so you can see if you guessed right. There are of course stories which are vague and leave the rest to the imagination, as in “he came back for her, but did they live happily ever after or did she decide she didn’t love him anymore?”. That sort of thing, where you fill in the blanks. But “Lost” just got frustrating because the answers to the original questions (such as “what is the hatch?” or “how come Ben knows everything?”) are part of the plot.

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Not the primary conflict, no. For example, in the story I’m writing now, a girl disappears. I’ve already decided that you’re not going to find out what happened to her. That’s not the primary conflict, though, believe it or not; that’s something in the background. But she’ll make another appearance, maybe not in the full flesh form, though… :)


Lost is far from perfect, but for some reason, the mysteries and unanswered questions are not what bother me. Sometimes I don’t want things to be answered, sometimes I just like to wonder about things and come up with my own answers. What bothers me are some of what people may call “the little things”. I love the show, but it has been on the lame train for a couple instances of “long lost parents”. “Gee, we just revealed that X is the son of Y and Z but has a completely different last name than either of them! We totally didn’t just make this up on the spot!” Eh…I try to ignore it and hope it won’t become central to the plot…

I know they make it up on the spot, but I don’t want it to be that obvious.

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You’re probably right, though I haven’t noticed more than one or two of those. I watched the whole series in one go quite recently (a couple of weeks ago) so as to get some idea of continuity. Skipped all the intros with the repeats though.

I think I enjoyed it a lot more this way, and it made more sense (I’d already seen the first 3 seasons anyway). I only noticed one mistake I can remember. Oh, and a scene where the hand of one of the film crew is accidentally in the shot.

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@DominicX No. You are not the only one. Lost is my favorite show and I look forward to it each season. Every Wednesday our entire family watches it together. I’d be interested in reading some of your stories.

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I like the mystery genre. But I gave up on Lost when it seemed pretty apparent that they had completely lost their way and had no idea where they were going. It was a really neat idea, but didn’t come close to living up to its promise.

(I stuck it out with the X-Files for way too long after it was clear they had no idea where they were going, and it was frustrating and disappointing. Never again.)

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I think the producers of Lost know exactly where they are going.
They may sometimes lose their way in how to get there and have to adjust to things like having two cast members be kicked out of Hawaii for drunk driving but I am quite sure they know how it will all end.

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I have 4 episodes to watch and the season will be finished for me. I had to do the rare, “I’ll watch it later, thing.” Life happened and I wound up having to do other things. TruBlood is starting, I’ll be okay. I do like watching LOST…I’m still hanging on!

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The Game…

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I’m planning the LOST finale party we’ll be having. I already have a music list, some props made, Dharma labels to print and a ‘fish biscuit’ recipe. I’m working on more. It will be grand. Oh yes, it will be grand. The only thing I’m having trouble with is the map on the ceiling with the black light paint… I need a close up of it so I can draw it. It will probably take until Lost starts again to finish.

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I plan to fill the dead, blank space in between by reading as much Lost-referenced literature as I can. Starting with “The Stand” by Stephen King, followed by a re-read of Wrinkle in Time, one of my all-time favorites.

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Oh, also I want to watch the whole series from the beginning again. That way I’ll be in the moment for the premier. Right now I’m on season 5 of Buffy, so that’s been keeping me busy.

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Too bad I’ve already done that. I’ve seen season 1–4 on DVD already. But I can’t wait for Season 5 DVDs to come out. I am so watching it again. That ending made me cry…so epic…lol

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@DominicX : Yeah, hopefully season 5 will be available for purchase before the end of the year so I can watch it. **added to Christmas list**

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@ubersiren – you can try this version of the ceiling map

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@fireside : Oooh, that’s a good closeup!

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