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Do you think that Obama's speech to the Muslim world will produce any positive effects for America & the world at large?

Asked by Linda_Owl (7743points) June 13th, 2009

President Obama’s “olive branch” speech to the muslim world seeking greater tolerance & understanding & respect.

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Sorry, but to think so is terribly naive. The Muslim world is not the problem, it is the Muslim extremist. One speech by someone reading a tele-prompter is not going to change the mindset of religious fanatics. Think of it this way. Do you think that if he gave a speech on abortion rights, fanatical anti abortionist would change their view?

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When they say peace and safety then will come a sudden destruction.

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Nope, not really.

It’s a good first start, but it’s not going to change anything. Actions speak louder than words. What we do in the future is going to have more impact than just a speech.

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Speeches sound good, but by themselves they have very little impact.

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Not really. I suspect the greater Muslim world believes most of America equates the Muslim world with Muslim extremist actions. Talk is cheap.

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@missingbite ; I don’t think his audience was extremists. He knows that he won’t change their minds. He was finally giving moderates a reason not to hate us. After the last 8 arrogant years I am sure that it was refreshing to hear an American e voice of reason in the Arab world. He was giving moderate Arab people an argument against the hate speech.

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@Judi, I’m sorry but “the last 8 years” is getting old. You speak as if the moderate or extremist Muslims decided to hate us in the last “8” years. They started bombing the World Trade Center back during the Clinton administration and his “8” years didn’t help one bit. Moderates aren’t bombing and killing people. (Us and their own people) I stand by my statement. His speech won’t change anything. I hope I am wrong!

P.S. In “8” years I don’t ever remember hearing GWB say moderate Muslims were the problem. It has always been extremists. He has always wanted true Muslims to put pressure on extremists to stop killing innocent people.

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The extreemist hated us back then, the moderates could take us or leave us. GWB’s tone made the Arab world feel as if it was a war on Islam.

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Absolutely. Wonderful speech!

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